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Zheng Yijing from 4 to 3 upset, Ito Meicheng first rounded off, Ito women's double mix in the double semifinals – Ito, the final is, very well, with – ping-pong

2018-12-13 23:37:35 Source: Ping Pong Network Information

Original name: Zheng Yijing from 4 to 3 upset, Ito Meicheng first go out, Ito women double mixed double semifinals

The 2018 ITTF finals were the first cold and featured women's singles in the first round. Ito Meise vs. Zheng Yijing.

Ito Meicheng ranks seventh in the world and coach Matsuzaki Yusuke, who takes notes every time. The predecessor of Ito Maichen's slide, back smashing, hooking and turning and breaking are their own qualities.

Zheng Yijing ranks 8th in the world. Trainer is Zheng Jiaqi, a former Chinese table tennis player. According to an explanation, Zheng Yijing today works with a cold.

Ito Meicheng pays attention to Guoping's key players, and it's clear that Zheng Yijing's research is not enough.

In the first game, the results of the two sides were more converging, and Zheng Yijing took the lead from 11 to 9.

In the second game, Ito Meicheng changed the rhythm and speed, and the back wave was on the straight line, ranging from 7 to 1 and winning 11 to 3.

The next four games have won each other, and the game is included in the seventh finals game.

Zheng Yijing runs 9 to 7 of this ball, Ito Meicheng accidentally mixed his legs. Zheng Yijing, who was not in good physical condition, won the final victory from 11 to 7.

Ito Meicheng vs. Zheng Yijing, from 3 to 4: 9 to 11, 11 to 3, 7 to 11, 11 to 6, to 11 to 8, to 8 to 11, to 7 to 11.

Ito Meicheng, who has unlimited décor at the opening of Sweden, lost Duke in Hong Kong at 16: 8 at the end of the year, eliminated the first single card at the end of the year, again the single game between Guoping and Datoteng was postponed. Until 2019.

Earlier today, the women's doubles match, Ito Meicheng and Honda Hina's partner, eliminated Guoping's Liu Gaoyang / Zhang Rui from 3 to 0.

Mixed duplicate competition (China did not compete), Senjun Zhengchong / Ito Meicheng won the Korean group Li Shangqi / Tian Zhixi 3-1.

This weekend, at noon 9:00, Women's Double Semifinal, Japan Honda Hina / Ito Meisho to South Korea Tian Zhixi / Liang Xiayin.

In the second semi-final, it was Shen Yu, Chen Ke / Wang Manxie and Chen Xingtong / Sun Yingsha killing.

At 14:14, mixed double semifinal, Japan Senyuan Zheng Chong / Ito Meishou vs Hong Kong, China Huang Zhenting / Du Kaiyan.

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