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Xu Xiaodong KO Tian Yecheng struggling with the first superstar in China, Wang Zhanjun is supposed to take revenge on martial arts – his own, and he, he still does not understand, is – boxing time and space


2019-01-15 07:14:12 Source: boxing time and space

Original name: Xu Xiaodong KO Tian Yecheng struggling with the first superstar in China, Wang Zhanjun is supposed to take revenge on martial arts

A few days ago, Xu Xiaodong, a 40-year-old "fighter", killed a 54-year-old "martial arts master" in Tianyi and successfully started in 2019. The game video and news about the game was over 100 million times across the network. Once again promoted the first red martial arts in the Chinese battle, warmth is probably only Wuyi Yilong.

After the game, many people pointed out that Xu Xiaodong played a bit of self-destruction in this field, but from the field level and before the start of the game he was not as good as Taiji boxer Lei Lei and Hunchun master Ding Hao, but Xu Xiaodong made his statement: "I just finished promise, do not explain it, everyone understands understand. At the same time, he also uploaded a short video recording how the area cried before the game. KO and he used a flying knee KO to compress him on the stretcher.

In this regard, boxing fans wrote a message: "The facts show that preventing Dongge's counterfeiting, another form of fraudulent original, allows people to see the ugly face behind lies," "China's first martial arts fake, Wu" Conscience, Xu Xiaodong "," Good Game , Xu Xiaodong, really heroes, great warrior, support you "," I want to fight with Xu Xiaodong, flying roads are very beautiful. "," The first round really is completely wedged "Wet", Xu Xiaodong really give him a face! Xu Xiaodong is a fake martial art, but some people still do not understand. Emphasize "counterfeiting".

It is worth mentioning that the current Chinese martial arts community, the recognized actual combat leader, is probably not too big a teacher Wang Zhanjun, Wang Zhanjun says he has 20 years of unbeatable relationship in the actual battle, zero Ma Yun bodyguard Li Tianjin, fell in Japan's first stage Takutaro has for many years been thinking of a martial arts conference, and at the moment, Wang Zhanjun, 45, will focus on breeding succession, but as more and more "martial arts masters" are Xu Xiaodong KO, the traditional martial arts community hopes that Wang Zhanjun will stand up . Out, on the martial arts to save the face, and Wang Zhanjun himself also commented on Xu Xiaodong, he believes that Xu Xiaodong's strength and his gap is obvious, Xu Xiaodong does not meet him, but I do not know whether Wang Zhanjun will change after watching Xu Xiaodong recently performance. Your opinion. When he decides to re-enter the mountain and win respect for martial arts and Tai Chi, I believe that Xu Xiaodong will definitely take on the challenge.

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