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Xinhua news agency: waiting for China Super Bond brand to come out 彷徨 2 policy to reduce team investment _ China's Super League

Original name: Xinhua News Agency: I hope the Chinese Super Bond brand will end 彷徨 2 policy to reduce team investment

The super-league of 2018 Shanghai Superlaika overcame the Evergrande monopoly for seven years and won the first Super League championship. From the point of view of SuperLive brand value, the new champion can increase the attention of the league, the intensity of competition and the impact of sponsors. These are all good things. However, some internal insiders believe that policy uncertainty still makes the market valuation of the Superliga brand more uncomfortable.

Before the start of the Super League in the 2018 season, SuperLiga brand value has changed significantly. In 2015, the "5-year-old 8 billion" Superleague copyright contract that caused the industry shock was revised in January 2018 to 10 billion over 10 years. Some people think that the contract has been extended and the amount has increased. It contributes to the stability of the value of a Superb Company, and reflects the spirit of cooperation and confidence in the prospects of the Superliga brand. However, some insiders believe that the average annual cost reduction indicates that the China Super Bowl has "shrunk" at market value.

Regarding copyrights, "squeezing" the Super League team is also the cost of signing a Super League team. In the 2018 season, the results of the 16 Chinese Super League teams in terms of winter transfer windows dropped significantly compared with the same period in 2017. Among them, the implementation of the regulation and the enhanced version of the U23 policy are considered to be factors that make clubs that do not want to continue to "burn money."

Some analysts believe that the new policy of "promoting adjustment fees" will allow the club to double the cost of introducing external assistance by 45 million yuan in transfer fees, which is forcibly abolishing the Chinese Superliga market, which is accustomed to burning money and big names. . The upgraded U23 policy version allowed many U23 players who did not have the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. They not only sacrificed the thrill of the game, but also caused many local U23 players to become seriously fragile.

Although some policies have an impact, the Super League has made great efforts on its products and packaging throughout the year. First of all, over the past few years, the team of Super League has grown substantially stable and the World Cup is a high-level foreign player participating in the 2018 World Cup, represented by Paulinho and Augusto. It also allows the Super League to gain more attention from the main football world.

In addition, Superliga has made significant progress in deepening the relevant market elements as well as understanding and practice of sponsors, fans and media services. In September 2018, e-commerce platform Tmall became the eighth-largest e-commerce partner in the Super Bonds over the next five years, enjoying SuperLife Senior Partners' rights, such as the right to use, media and promotions.

In November Superliga achieved a letter of intent to work with the world's most successful Premier League soccer league. In the future, both sides will focus on deep cooperation in bubble development, such as youth development training, referee development, coach development, competition development and brand promotion.

In the 2019 season, we expect more exciting competition, more teams with tight championships and more favorable policies for the development of the league. We also hope that the Chinese Super League top brands can also be helped by various partners. Go out and go ahead. (The end)Return to Sohu and see more

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