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Wizards are worse! Warcraft has back surgery, expected to be 8 weeks old – Netease Sports –

2018-12-01 00:50:30 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on December 1:

According to the well-known journalist Shams-Charania, Dwight Howard's Wizards Center is on the verge of surgery, and it is expected that the recovery will be within 8 weeks.

According to reports, Howard will operate on the vertebral L4 / L5 position, and Yahoo Chris Hayes revealed that the source said that Howard will undergo a hip surgery, the expected recovery time is 2-3 months, but if things go well, Howard can return to the earliest.

In the summer of this year, Howard was first traded with Hornets networks, and both parties agreed to buy. Honards joined the Wizards after Wall was a member and signed a $ 5.3 million mini-middle class contract for one year. Howard, who lost the game at the beginning of the game, lost seven seven regular seasons due to a back injury. He then decided to return, played 9 games and had 3 doubles, an average of 12.8 points per game in 25.6 minutes. Won 9.2 rebounds. However, playing against Blazer on November 18th, he repeated for back injury, he played only seven and a half minutes, and then he again waited five games.

As a result of repeated back injuries, Howard went to Los Angeles several times to search for an expert diagnosis of the preformis, but ultimately he had to choose an operation. Already at Rockets, he stopped back injury and basketball, surviving the attack. Losing his dominant position, he has since been unable to return to the peak, and this is also caused by back injuries.

It's also a huge blow to the Wizards: they have only 8 wins and 13 losses, they are in recession when they are about to sell the team, and now Howard will be injured for a long time, the current Wizards center position is the basic salary of Thomas – Bryant, maybe this injury and Surgery will allow the wizards to make some movements in advance.

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