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Wei Shihao or change Wu Lei to play Guoan 2 will overcome South Korea team goal _ games


Original name: Wei Shihao or replace Wu Lei to play Guoan 2 will break the South Korean team goals

In the afternoon of January 13, UAE, local time, the Chinese team continued to prepare for the Asian Cup Group game for the third game at Wahida Club in Abu Dhabi. Wu Lei, who scored two goals in the last game, did not participate in the 13th training, but the Chinese team has decided to let Wu Lei relax with the Korean team. Wei Shihao, previously injured, is expected to return to Wu Lei instead.

After the end of the second game, Lippi said that the game with the South Korean team will have some rotations that will allow players with injuries and yellow cards to rest because the team has already made progress. Wu Lei is the first protected object among the rotating players.

In order to avoid a further increase in Wu Lei's trauma in order not to interfere with breakouts, the national team has certainly determined that Wu Lei will not be organized to play in third-party games.

If Wu Lei is unable to fight who will replace his post. The current situation is likely to be the young player Wei Shihao from Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. In fact, before the start of the Asian Cup, Lippi had great hopes for Wei Shihao, and under normal circumstances, Wei Shihao will of course be able to play in the first two games. After almost 10 days of recovery, Wei Shihao's trauma is basically no problem, he is likely to replace Wu Lei's position in the South Korean team.

In the national team, in addition to Dabao's "Khan Fuxing", Wei Shihao also broke the South Korean team's goal. The last time the Chinese team played against the South Korean team was the 2017 East Asian Cup, where both sides scored 2-2, and Wei Shihao scored the first. Yu Dabao scored the match with the Chinese team 1-2.

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