Sunday , April 11 2021

US Securities Market: Dow Confirms That It Goes to Correction Range Due to Global Economic Downturn, Johnson & Johnson Decreased Fast – Reuters

  1. US stock market: Dow was confirmed to penetrate the adjustment range due to the global downturn, and Johnson & Johnson flooded
  2. In conclusion: Dow dropped by 500 points in the backlit zone S & P index fell 2600 Sina
  3. US securities stocks fell by 1%, Dow dropped by 400 points. Offshore RMB once dropped below 6.91 Wall Street
  4. U.S. shares ahead of the market: the outlook for the global economy is worrying, the US futures trading index is declining
  5. US securities fell sharply, the Dow dropped by almost 500 points, and US oil close to nearly 3%.
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