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Today, we honor the massacre of Nanjing on her behalf to kill working fellow countrymen | Nanjing Massacre | Countrymen | Survivors – Sina News

Original Name: Praise the Emptiness of Your Country today!


Fifth National Day

We are in the state name

More than 300,000 dead compatriots are paying

December 13, 81st

Japanese invasion of China destroyed Nanjing

More than 40 days

More than 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians were killed

The beast is violent, unheard of

Survivor of Nanjing massacre

Is there a tragedy witness?

Ge Daorong, born in 1926 in Nanjing

This winter 81 years ago

The Japanese killed his uncle and two donkeys

He was cut off on his right foot and hid in a refugee camp.

The old man said that, closing your eyes, you will remember the year.

Street body, red river

December 13, 1937

A Japanese soldier team came to Xia Shuqin

Her family killed seven people

Japanese soldiers threw her three times.

This year, 89-year-old Xia Lao said

"I was expecting them to apologize and waited for 81 years."

When Nanjing fell

The Lu Honcai family is housed in a pagan retreat

After the Japanese soldiers searched

First gun

Go into the hole and throw in the garnet

7 lives were slaughtered

When the Japanese Army hosted Nanjing in December 1937

Chang Zhiqiang, only 9 years old

Witnesses are parents and four younger brothers who were killed by the Japanese army

6 families are deadly

Chang Ziqiang never started to laugh again.

There are more people

After an unforgettable pain

Use your personal experience as proof of history

The Nanjing survivors' group of 2018 has been registered. Xinhua news agency reporter Han Yuqing, Li Xiang, Ji Chunpeng photo


They are waiting for release from Japan.

Someone waits for them to die

Only at the beginning of this month

Two survivors of the Holocaust

94-year-old Chen Guangshun and Zhao Jinhua


From December 6th

20 Surprising survivors died this year

Currently, the number of registered survivors is less than 100

And the Japanese Wing to the present day

Still denying Nanjing massacre

妄Wash washing up 加 加

Yuan Gu Wai Zhixiong, owner of the Japanese APA hotel, publicly denied that there was a Nanjing massacre and Japanese military comfort women.

Some people have forgotten

We can not forget

History will not end due to the age of witnesses

The truth will not go away if you turn away from the guilty one

In the last years

We are continuing to improve the relevant legislation

"Nanjing City State Social Welfare Rules" and other regulations

Swords that distort and destroy the truth of history

The national holiday is set up for five years

The pain and unobtrusive resistance that we have experienced reminds us

It's powerful and hard to do

It is difficult to achieve this peace

Look at the world

Lies, a mumble can not destroy the conscience of mankind

UNESCO Archive Nanjing Massacre

Officially included in the World Memory

International people, such as Matsuoka Ring and Zhang Chunru

Wipe memory with youth and life

Rebuild the cruel war of truth

Today china

In 1937, China is no longer

Finally, we can defend our national interests

The Chinese people will no longer be slaughtered and intimidated.

Today, December 13, 2018

We are celebrating the name of the country.

No matter which city you are

If you hear a beep

Please stop

Calm for 1 minute victims


Not only people's sadness

There are also instructions to die behind

Memorial Day


Never complain about revenge

Just wishing to be brightened up:

Do not forget history, cherish peace!

Revitalizing China and Self-Improvement!

Source: People & # 39; s Daily WeChat (ID: rmrbwx), Comprehensive Modern Express, Yangzi Evening News, Nanjing Slavery Victims Memorial Hall, etc.

Head: Zhao Ming

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