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This year, 98 pots of over 8500 people drink porridge and porridge porridge Good mess – Xinhua Net


8,500 people drink Shangyu and Gong La Ba puree

This year's Good Festival and Palace House Porridge 98 pots, over 8,500 people drink Good Porridge, and the public said Lama's temple has become a tradition


On January 13, 100 meters of martyrs at the Lama Temple, citizens were waiting for a good mess.


In the Lama temple, people take the good mess that is done at night.


Children Tasting Good Mess.

On January 13th, another Lama temple was held at the Lama Festival, and at 4 o'clock in the morning, citizens waited. Since it was just a weekend, the temple of Lama was at the beginning of half an hour, and at 8:25, the door was opened. According to statistics, this year's Yihe Palace Porridge 98 pots, more than 8,500 inhabitants drink La Ba Porridge.

After 13:00, the morning of January 13, 4 people who were outside the castle and the walls of the castle, which expanded to the depth of the theater building at the walls of the castle, and a 100-meter team could not see the head. Citizens who were prepared for the queue were very important, cotton clothes, hats and masks, and others brought stools and sat in the team. Mr. Wang and his girlfriend from Tongzhou came sooner, they arrived at 2:00 and arrived at the Lama Temple at 4:00. "We didn't have one person when we arrived. Later we arrived one after the other. It came in last year. It is a traditional culture, and we young people have to participate in fun." It is understood that the temple of Lama began to prepare for several days each year. Some of the good stuff from Good Porridge was used by a citizen's donation, and some of them were purchased. More than 30 types of raw materials were washed, peeled and soaked, starting with the sixteenth day of the sixteenth month, and the number of palm trees in the temple of Lama continued unbroken until Good morning.

This year, Good just happened at the weekend, but Lama's temple opened for half an hour, but at 8:25, the first barrel drums were transferred to the open space in front of the main hall, before the two porridge points the monks began to flicker. Put disposable tableware. Five minutes later, the main entrance to the Lama temple was opened, where the residents bought the ticket and entered the porridge through a 100-meter torque biloba. Some citizens have brought their own thermal insulation bucket. "I want to bring the blessing and give it to my family."

Dai has been drinking Good Porridge in the Lama Temple for 13 years in a row. She said she accidentally got to her sister's porridge when she was pregnant because she was the eldest mother and wanted "mother and child to be safe." She then took her family to the bowl with a mess every year, which this year coincided with the weekend, she gave her son together. "Participation in this festival has become our family tradition, and we ask for help here every year." Zhang Wei Photography / Reporter Wang Fei)

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