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The starry sky in December is the brightest year for the comet to be close to the earth – Beijing evening news – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-30 14:00:42 Source: Beijing evening news

The "Astronomical Theater" will be set up in December. Except for the objects that astronomical enthusiasts gained, Gemini's meteor shower will be as high as on a date. This year's lightest comet this year – the Vertanena Comet will be close to Earth and visible with the naked eye. In addition, observing conditions for several large planets are good. On December 2, Venus will launch the brilliant, but Mercury will be in the West on the 15th place.

Dr. Wang Yumin from the Beijing Antiquities Observatory presented the Gemini Meteor Shower, which is one of the three largest annual weather showers, most expected in December. The Gemini Meteor shower takes place every year from December 4th to 17th. The meteor is usually brighter and has a moderate speed, which is the main target for astronomical enthusiasts. This year's Gemini meteor shower took place on December 14, the radiation point rose from northeast to east after night, and the zenith hour's meteorological index was 120. "At this time it is the first quarter of the month, the observation sites are better in the middle of the night." Watching, pay attention to the cold and warm. "

In December, a comet – the Vertanina Comet – is visible to the naked eye. Wang Jumin said that this is a short comet that takes 5.44 years around the sun. "Although it has been discovered for a long time, it is close to the sun every five years, but this time it's close to the sun, and especially close to the earth." Understand that it will reach the orbital close to point 13 at the nearest 16th Earth, about 10 million kilometers away from us, with 3 brightness, etc., near the Taurus comet group. "It can be seen with the naked eye in areas where light pollution is mild. It will be even better with a telescope. It is also the brightest annual comet."

In addition, observations in planets in December are good. Second place Venus reached its brightest. Wang Yumin said this is the second brightest Venus day this year with a brightness of about -4.9. Venus is now the morning star and lies in the southeastern sky at sunrise. The ground height is about 33 °, which is easy to observe. "Remember the condition and direction of your road, and you can still see it when time is right when the sun goes out."

In the 15th century Mercury will be in the West. At this point, Mercury is the morning star, and in the sunrise it is in the southeastern sky. At a distance, the maximum angle between mercury and the sun is 21 °, the ground height is about 17 ° and the brightness is about -0.5. The observation conditions are very good. Mars this year goes directly from Aquarius to Pisces. It is located in the southern heavens on sunset 3 and can be seen in the middle of the night.

In addition, in December there will be a lot of beautiful day "with the moon". December 4 at 02.42 Venus will appear 3.6 degrees south of the moon, creating an amazing Venus with a moonscape. On December 9th, if the observation conditions at night are good, you can see Saturn with the moon. You can see the forthcoming new month on the wind sky in the low western west west. Below is Saturn. Mars will take place on December 15, but Mars will be 3.6 ° north of the moon. On December 21, Bisuwu will be in the month, and Bisuwu will be 1.7 ° south of the moon. "However, during this time the moon is round, too bright and hard to follow."

(Article Source: Beijing Evening News)

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