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The mysterious "Web Mystery" – Pause, this one, the internet, all million people – is released at the moment – Beijing evening news

2018-12-14 17:35:49 Source: Beijing evening news

The mysterious "Web Mystery" is now released.

This magazine (reporter Li Wei) today published the Hollywood Temporary Masterpiece "Web Puzzle". Prior to the demonstration of nearly 10,000 people, the film gained a high reputation for the "zero gap" rating and the audience was rated as the best hit movie in 2018.

Network Mystery tells a father who is looking for missing daughters through the Internet. The whole story is printed on a computer screen, video phone, search engine, social account, video report … all the thoughts of my father looking for a daughter. The new and substantiated form coincides with the rhythm of the classic transitional narration. The timeline is gradually being routed every time a father is looking for a cursor, and every second it's nervous. The "Desktop" creates a great sense of substitution, and lets the audience experience an unforgettable experience as never before. Viewers watched and watched as if they were "in this case".

"Gospel logic, strong self-esteem, details are perfect." After screening, some viewers said that even without a computer screen the cool script script itself is a wonderful temporary movie. After winning two awards at the Sundance Film Festival, the film won ten American Film Awards for the American National Critics Association. The British magazine International Screen rated it as "a very visual imagination." J203

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