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Sun Yan, Shaanxi Sanyi Youyan Materials Co., Ltd. general manager: Asia is just the starting point, the world is the first goal.


Tantalum products are mainly used in the field of military and biomedical technology, and they are typical of "solid technology".

In a sector with high technical barriers and high costs of trial and error, as a private company located in Xixian New District, it ceases to be an international monopoly and takes second place in the world and the first in Asia?

NBD: What are the main business features of a company?

Sun Yan: At the same time, China produces oysters, it is also the largest consumer of bismuth materials. This metal has long been monopolized by the United States, Britain, Russia and other countries.

When I first came back to China to build factories, I could only do this by teaching. With more than 10 kilos of cockroaches, more than 2 million yuan were blown up as fireworks – trial and error costs are too high. But now China's processing has rapidly risen. In 2000, it was less than 100 kilograms, and now it has reached more than 3 tons. The proportion of Shaanxi Sanyi was 60-70%, but the annual increase of 20% to 30% is relatively conservative.

NBD: How Long did Shaanxi Sanyi settle in Xixian New District? Why choose here?

Sun Yan: I've been to Xixian New District for more than three years. Xixian New District, I did not ask the officials for meals. Shaanxi Sanyi was able to produce, earn money and pay taxes. Over time, the management committee also has a separate support policy that will provide various rewards at the end of the year and we hope to help us grow rapidly. Businesses gladly see it. It seems to me that Xi's business environment is very good.

Secondly, for materials Xi & # 39; an has very good human resources, such as Xigong University and Shaanxi University, which is very important.

NBD: what are the thoughts about the future, and what layout is Shaanxi Sanyi doing?

Sun Yan: I want to summarize the scale of the industry in Xixian New Area in order to create an accurate processing base for enamel materials with worldwide impact. Currently, Xi is well developed in the aerospace and electronics sectors, but the new material is still relatively weak and does not constitute ideal scale aggregation.

Shaanxi Sanyi must take the lead. In the future, we will deepen the exchange and cooperation with Xi & # 39; a universities and collaborate with the Kunming Precious Metals Research Institute. Shaanxi Sanyi will continue to maintain a leading position in the materials industry.

Shaanxi Sanyi will not be satisfied with the status quo, we will focus on the Japanese market in the US medical market. The first step in Asia is to challenge the world's first number.

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