Friday , February 26 2021

Sufficient supply of live materials, safe and massive – Tibet Jinshajiang displaced lakes blocked – News News News

(Graphic and interactive) (1) Sufficient supply of living materials, human security and safety - see Jinsha River relocation sites in Tibet

This is the Kangzaxi relocation site in the polo city of Jiangda District, Changdu, Tibet (photo taken November 11th). The Kangzaxi relocation site in the Polo Parish, in Jiangdan, the Tibetan Autonomous Region, is located about 3 kilometers from the Government of the Baltic City and lies in an open and gentle valley over 100 meters above the water surface of the lake barrier. Following a landslide on October 11th in the Jingš River Baige district, a local displacement site was set up to carry around the surrounding people. Xinhua news agency reporter Liu Dongjun photo

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