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South Korea's national goal is to win – Asian Cup, national football that appears in Lippi, which is most important – Lanzhou Daily


2019-01-14 03:41:39 Source: Lanzhou Daily

Will Lippi play more substitutes?

The Chinese men's football team did not feel complacent about the qualifying round of the first Asian Cup. After 10:30 local time on January 12th, the team arrived at Abu Dhabi Al Wahda College Base. As a group C leader, the Chinese team only has to link the Korean team to the final round of the group stage and will block the title. However, given the complexity of competition in the international football arena, the Chinese team is cautious about the final battle of the group. Although coach Lippi is ready to let more substitute players feel in the Asian Cup, winning the championship is still the national team's lead in front of the Korean team.

On the 12th morning, Chinese journalists arriving at the Al Wahda Academy base were as smiling as the national football players present. The national football team's two-line win wins the Asian Cup in advance to make each of the native people here happy. Feng Wei, a central defender who used to be a "black face" before the Asian Cup, was also happy to share the joy of winning with reporters.

Among the 23 international players except Hao Junmin, who was a little discomfort, the other 22 people came to the training ground. Although the two strikers of Xiao Zhi and Wei Shihao are still working with the rehabilitation department, it is understandable that both are not far from competent competition.

After having previously qualified, the Chinese team's "two sitting on one" has a preliminary conclusion, and they only need to tie to get the group's name to get the most advantageous game for the next breakthrough.

At the Chinese-Philippine press conference, Lippi publicly announced that he would organize a ceasefire and licensed player to end the game in the final round with the South Korean team, so that more substitutes could experience the Asian Cup atmosphere. However, such a statement may also be a "smoke ball" intended to be transferred to an opponent's South Korean team. After the Asian Cup expansion, the situation has sharply increased. Instead of influencing different situations, the Chinese team has better won the name of the group. After the end of the Chinese-Philippine competition, the Chinese team also became the main goal of "maintaining the South Korean team".

At present, the Chinese team has not received any other players, except Feng Wei, who also won a favorable position for the South Korean team in the final round of the group stage. After qualifying, the Chinese team has already lost their psychological burden, even if some of the substitutes are on stage, they can actively win with a relatively peaceful mentality. Feng Wei said: "There will certainly be adjustments. The main reason for the coach is to see who is in good shape, including under the composition of opponents. That's why we are mostly adapting and preparing for the next game."

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