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Song "Hongyan" drunk in his hometown "Oriental Butterfly" Zhang Liping with injured back to Han performance – brought, on the lawn, yes, good, out – Wuhan Evening News


2019-01-14 13:16:07 Source: Wuhan Evening News

The song "Hongyan" was born in his home town

"Eastern butterfly" Zhang Liping injured Han's performance

Reporter Xu Weizhen photo

Wuhan Evening News (reporter Wan Xuming correspondent Sun Ni) "Jiangshui long, autumn grass yellow, lawns are sad." On the 13th anniversary of the soprano singer Zhang Liping in the concert hall of Qintai, a solo concert was held from time to time using him. The melodic songs of the time allowed viewers to reach the banks of the Yangtze River and the lawns. Little is known that this time she is wearing a show.

As the first Chinese to enter Madame Butterfly's New York Metropolitan Opera, with the first hero

Born in Wuhan, Zhang Liping is a famous "Eastern butterfly" in the international music scene. In recent years, she often returns to Wuhan to perform, but in the last two shows she received family and friends, "no Chinese songs". This time, she sang 9 Chinese songs in one air and added Flocking Flowers and Pastoral to Wuhan audience in particular. Singing Chinese songs with bel canto, especially folk songs such as "Pastoral" and "Hongyans", there is no glory, Zhang Liping uses more voices and emotions to make the audience accompany her in the sounds of the river and sometimes sit in the grass on her face refreshing breeze, and sometimes it is like the swan geese flying in the sky. During the interview, many listeners sang "Hongyan". In the second half, Zhang Liping brought some Schubert art songs and Verdi arias, and the style is more colorful, highlighting the power and charm of this "Eastern butterfly".

During the show, many spectators also noticed that there was a high chair on the stage, and Zhang Liping would sit in the chair after some time. It turned out that she had just had a lumbar surgery and she has not yet recovered, as maintaining a long-lasting posture can cause back pain. Just one day before the show, when the reporter saw Zhang Liping, she had to adjust her posture from time to time, even if she sat on the couch for a quarter of an hour. But she always said, "I have to work in the best position, I hope that viewers will be able to understand." In fact, you don't have to worry about it, as Zhang Liping sings more and more relaxed and finally gives the audience three songs. Return to the track.

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