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Polestar 1 will be delivered in 2019 Polestar 2 Standard Tesla Model 3 – Great Passengers – Financial Sector


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Polestar, a luxury, high-performance electric car brand from North Nuclear, continues its global journey and arrives at the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show, the first time the brand has met with a company in South Korea.

Polestar 1 is the first new power source for the Polestar brand, which can output a maximum power of 600 HP and a maximum torque of 1000 Nm. It can go to 150 km in pure electric mode. It is the longest cruise range in pure electric mode on the market. Hybrid car.


Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said: "This avant-garde and sleek GT coupe offers a carbon fiber body with perfect body proportions and an elegant pilot. It's a dreamy masterpiece. It will be manufactured in small batches to ensure its uniqueness and respect."


In order to better inform consumers about Polestar this year, a world-wide journey from the Geneva Motor Show to the Beijing car show from the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival, which took place in the United Kingdom until the Pebble Beach Auto Show in the United States, was discovered this year. The polestar 1's avant-garde design and outstanding performance have resulted in media and consumption. Concerns According to the data, Polestar 1 has received more than 500 units a year since it was opened in March and is very popular on the market.

At present, the mass production process of Polestar 1 is constantly evolving. Polestar 1's first prototypes have recently been put into operation in Sweden and have been successfully tested in the event of collisions. Polestar has for the first time tested the strength of carbon fiber materials in a real-world collision environment. The test results show that the Polestar 1 carbon fiber casing meets the highest safety standards.

China has the largest new energy market in the world, and Polestar also opts to rely on China and establish a global manufacturing base in China. Polestar's first production facility is located in Chengdu, China, and was built by Polestar and the architectural firm Snøhetta. The construction of the main structure of the plant is now completed and is officially included in the stage of commissioning of the production facilities. In mid-201 Polestar 1 will be mass-produced in the Chengdu Manufacturing Base and officially delivered to customers. A brand-centric experience center and test track will be built in Chengdu's manufacturing base to enable visitors from all over the world to fully appreciate Polestar's charm.


In addition to the emerging Polestar 1, Polestar will also launch the Polestar 2, which goes into the middle segment of the luxury electric vehicle segment. It will fully compete with the Tesla Model 3, taking into account design, size, performance and price. "Polestar 2 is the first Polestar branded net electric vehicle and is a moving product that will grow rapidly in brand sales." Polestar 2 will be the cornerstone of the successful Polestar brand electrification and will contribute to the sustainable mobility of the automotive industry, "said Thomas Ingenlath.


Polestar sales and service network will also accelerate with the upcoming supply of new cars. In the next 18 months Polestar will set up a new retail network for Polestar Space in major cities around the world. The Polestar Space Experience Room will be located in the lively city center where consumers can interact with polestar product stress-free experts, watch a car and take test runs. Polestar Space staff consists of product experts who do not want to receive commission, not sales consultants who sell to customers. Customers will also receive service. "Polestar will refuse the traditional car sales model and address consumer and consumer" pain points "in the automotive sector through a single and transparent retail price," said Wu Zhentao, President of Polestar China. According to the plan, Polestar will create 20 Polestar chains in China by 2020. China's first Polestar Space location will be announced in 2019.

"2019 will be Polestar brand year, Polestar 1 will start delivering to customers, and Polestar 2 will also open a global tour, and we look forward to it," says Polestar President Thomas Ingenlath.

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