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Nine percent release the first special business: the new generation of male model men _36 氪

Editor's note: This article is from the micro-channel public number "Music Harbinger" (ID: nakedmusic). Author: Livia, 36 krypton is released.

At the last Idol Trainee exhibition, Nine PERCENT members were eventually identified as Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Wei, Justin Huang Mingxi, Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui Wang Linkai, and you Changjing. At that time it was not in the summer, and the scenes of the teenage crying were still bright. Since nine PERCENT became one group, half a year has passed. In the course of time, the most commonly encountered countless fans are:

"I'm still a group of men, so many words will be removed to buy an album deposit …"

"Every day I see only sons of human shape, I really want to see them fit!"

"123rd day: is NP today no?"

After so long, I'm waiting for it, now in the last winter, this "nine" is finally available.

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

"To nine": went young men who drove

In general, the The To Nines concept is very strong, with a total of seven songs. Of the "awesome 9%" that discontinues group rumors about "Innovators" who want to personally develop the rules, "Ei 喔 Ei 喔" and "Dancing with Dance", which spreads happy energy … Is it from the topic of work Speaking of Nine PERCENT has given a near-complete answer to the richness of the story or the fullness of the story. Compared to young people in the stage, nine teenagers had a more mature face than before.

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

Before The Nines was released, nine percent had long been experiencing doubts about the musicality of the team. Captain Cai Xukun said everyone is spending a lot of time and energy on the album and he is more willing to choose "slow work and fine work" rather than going to release work.

Today the choice of NINE PERCENT is undoubtedly recognized. To Nines has achieved more than 8 million results from market data from QQ music pre-sales, cool dog music, cool music and microphone music until November 9th.

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

As for the music of this album, the album includes rock, lyrical R & B, a retro disco and many other styles, as well as the versatile nine PERCENT faces.

Among them, the Innovator festival, which fans have called "shell shell", is a fast-paced song with a powerful sense of energy. The well-known lyricist Wu Yiwei and the participants completed text-making, emphasizing the new generation's positive attitudes about the courage to innovate and take risks. The MV participants, who participated personally, were created with a weak dark room, a photo wall and other eye-catching elements, combined with nine PERCENT engagement knitting group dance fragments, giving the audience a strong visual look, from which it is easy to leave deep memory.

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

Another "Good Things" business song produced by Veran shows nine other PERCENT attempts to capture the burst scene. In this slow song, fans can clearly distinguish which words come from, perfectly emphasizing the voice of the participants.

And this song can also be regarded as a small incarnation of the entire "To The Nines" album: there are various styles in the album that offer a variety of features to show fans of different letters. How to fine tune it into one. And this is also the favorite point of the big men team.

Gypsophila in a fire: nine percent and their nine people

When the team was not fit, Nine PERCENT members had their own activities in different areas and achieved brilliant results. The market has successfully tested their business value and business abilities, which are the highest quality beans.

As far as business co-operation is concerned, in addition to congregations with different brands that are popular in many consumers, this group of young people also has a number of marks. For example, Cai Xukun has Yangshengtang mask and vivo X23 approval. Chen Linong is a Shiseido Waso Youth Day spokeswoman and series, the new Yanyang Summer Series. Prince is a representative of Schwarzkopf (Fiseri) … In addition to an individual, the group also exists. Co-brand collaboration in the form of "small teams" such as you Changjing, Lin Yanjun and Prince Yi, together serve as Tmall Wonders and so on.

Fashion and entertainment are not separated, and nine percent who comes with a loyal fan group often visit different journals. Fen Yi and Wang Zi have also featured Fashion COSMO and COSMO patterns, and Cover Characters such as the Little Bourgeois CHIC.

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

On the one hand, team members have successfully rounded their face to market audience. On the other hand, Nine PERCENT has also been actively displaying multiple-brand ace shows such as Happy Camp, Everyday, and Run. First-time male team quality and positive emotions from young artists after 95's.

Back to Aidou's position, in front of the seventeen PERCENT "For Nine", the participants have made various music attempts. For example, Cai Xukun himself created the main single EP "1", the main song "Wait Wait Wait" with a gentle arrangement and sounds, is firmly turned on in the new list of songs, popular index list, continental fever for ten consecutive days. The list of songs is the first and for four weeks in a row, it has won the Asian New Songwriting Championship.

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

Another member of the team, Yu Changjing, is more dedicated to television and TV works. He sang Fujian's television series Oo Red Dust and the Ying Qing Qing theme song and is still in China's new reptile. "Collaborating with the Nawuke Scene" "Flying to the North" was a fugasa ball that confirmed the strength of its singer.

Different music performances by different actors, enabling fans and ordinary fans to truly experience the features of the band's "many people and many colors". This is especially important to make it to nine. By allowing members to freely develop their respective music career over the last six months, album producers have done a good job of collecting the musical aesthetics and personality of each team and knowing in advance the market's preference for their timbre and singing. .

This is the daring attempt of Ain Percent that works with a combination of nine PERCENTs. It is also a multi-enterprise and capital investment operation and game.

Investigation of the Local Young Generation Men's Youth League

There is no doubt that the Idol Trainee is a phenomenal breed exhibition, and nine percent of this stage was born in the eyes of the public. However, even for a new generation of men's teams with a very high starting point, there are various operational difficulties.

At the moment, the men's team workout schedule is only four months. Participants from different companies and acceptable totally different packaging jobs are enough to cause the headache of Aidou Century. Although there are nine PERCENTs created, the participants have completed the transition from competitors to teammates, but the company has different rules for the development of their artists, and it is difficult to adapt on weekdays.

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

Aidou Century did not adopt a method for accelerating work during a period when the group was more topical but chose to respect the members' self-determination to complete a high-quality stage. In a previous interview, NINE PERCENT said that it took three or four months to prepare "To The Nines." To ensure the effectiveness of the group stage, participants who are resting or busy will be able to practice as soon as possible or at a later time.

Undoubtedly, it takes more time and cost to run a limited men's team. The Aidou century created the following layout and reached a consensus with nine percent: the eternal and rigorous is not popular, but it works. The men's group market, which seems to be saturated and empty, fast-paced success will only disappear quickly.

Earlier, Chen Yuetian, a 85-year-old investor who contributed to SNH48 and original paintings, said: "The male group and the male star have a higher value than an actress. I am, but why the men's team did not come out because they did not do the right thing."

Nine percent launch the first special business - the new generation of male team model

So what is the right local group of men who are in line with the ideals of society? Aidou's business skills need to be well understood, the more should the balance befell the love of beans and business effects; the attitude of the avant-garde personality is necessary, but also the sincerity of music and stage, the most important is the men's team "group" Name

The nineteenth youth group of men gradually realizes public expectations of an ideal local men's team.

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