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New Zealand government bans Huawei 5G equipment, Chinese Foreign Ministry responds | Lei Fengwang

Spark New Zealand ("Spark"), a New Zealand telecom operator, issued a statement on November 28 stating that the GCSB rejected the company's proposal to use Huawei's 5G telecom equipment. This is a "great threat to national security".

New Zealand's neighbor, Australia, at the government-level in August 2018 announced that it would ban Huawei and ZTE from participating in the national 5G mobile network.

The New Zealand government has banned the Huawei 5G equipment, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said

The shark is interesting, but the government does not allow it.

In fact, Huawei technology is still a highly recognized Spark. Already on November 4th, Spark CEO Simon Mouter has strongly supported Huawei as a potential provider of 5G mobile network technology. He pointed out at the annual general meeting:

We hope our government will not stop them without convincing evidence unless they can prove that their technology creates security risks that we can not mitigate using the comprehensive security management tools we use in the network … We found out that the Spark Huawei is a very good partner for mobile RAN service providers – they are the world leader in mobile technology, responding promptly to their queries and offering good value for business.

Lei realizes that Simon Moutter praised Huawei as a partnership with Spark during Huawei 3G and 4G. In fact, as far as 5G is concerned, Huawei has been experimenting with Spark to show access to the network's core network.

The New Zealand government has banned the Huawei 5G equipment, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said

But this time, due to the New Zealand GCSB decision, co-operation between the two sides was forced to stop.

In response to government decisions, Spark issued a statement calling for the suspension of Huawei 5G devices. The announcement says the GCSB decision means that Spark will not be able to implement the proposal to use Huawei equipment in the proposed 5G network. The company was disappointed with this decision, but believes it will not affect the company's plan to launch the 5G network by July 2020.

Shortly after the announcement of the Spark notification, the New Zealand Government Security Office (GCSB) also approved the prohibition on the official website.

New Zealand

In fact, Western countries have released the Huawei 5G ban on the grounds of national security, not once or twice. But New Zealand this time this practice is alarming.

According to the New Zealand Herald, New Zealand's decision on 28 November was completely different from the previous position of the New Zealand Government. The former government has encouraged national telecommunications operators to work with Huawei, but 5G will soon be available. When arrived, the New Zealand government suddenly changed its mouth, which is confusing.

As a result, the New Zealand Herald published a commentary saying that the decision to ban Huawei would seriously damage New Zealand's relations with China. New Zealand's exports to China may be affected, and this is very strange now that the company is announcing a government decision. At the same time, this decision was also dissatisfied with the New Zealand industry. New Zealand's other major telecommunications operator, CEO of 2 °, said that if the decision applies to all New Zealand operators, this will be extremely unfavorable to market competition.

The New Zealand Herald also believes that the US and China's Huawei has the highest diplomatic status. New Zealand has always avoided engagement, but the government's new decision means that New Zealand and the United States and Australia are together.

Huawei has responded to New Zealand's decision.

Lei Fengwang(Public Number: Lei Feng Network)It is noted that Huawei's New Zealand vice president Andrew Bowater stated in a statement that Huawei was seeking an emergency negotiation with the relevant department heads and officials to understand the process and to clarify that Huawei does not have the so-called security risk. He also said that New Zealand did not submit any evidence to Huawei to prove that Huawei had a problem that it was saying, so Huawei did not accept New Zealand's potential serious public security risks.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also expressed "serious concern" about "denying the New Zealand government the use of the Huawei 5G telecom operator to threaten national security," and replied, saying:

The Chinese government encourages Chinese companies to engage in external economic cooperation based on market principles and international rules and in accordance with local laws. The essence of China-New Zealand economic and trade cooperation is a mutually exclusive and mutually beneficial one. We hope that the new party will ensure a level playing field for Chinese companies in new operations and will do a number of things that will enhance mutual trust and cooperation.

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The New Zealand government has banned the Huawei 5G equipment, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said

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