Thursday , January 27 2022

Ma Yun at noon said: I'm afraid that there is a lot of banquet for a charity dinner – People – Ma Yun


In the afternoon of 14 January, Ma Yun's rural education lunch was held in Hainan, as well as the results of the last year's school boarding school trial, and the participants continued to explore the rural boarding school. In addition to nearly 100 entrepreneurs, guests also have charities, educational departments and colleges and universities that have helped the national rural development strategy from the point of view of poverty reduction and in-depth discussions.

Ma Yun: Many charity parties are banquets.

Ma Yun said that rural education lunches are very important because they want to discuss how to change and improve these circumstances, and he also admits that he is afraid to attend a charity dinner, sometimes many charity parties are banquets. "In fact, our lunch is not a banquet. We don't need money. We need love. We need action. Of course we are very happy with your money."


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