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Original title: The Andy Lau singer's debut, the latest development is this statement

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The Andy Lau World Tour Concert will be premiered at the Hong Kong Stadium in Hong Kong, which focused on the evening of December 15th. But when fans waited for Liu Dehua's song, it caused a storm.

The original investor Jushanmei accused Andy Lau of not fraudulent and fraudulent behavior, but Andy Lau's "Picture Theater Company" denied any fraud claiming that the other party had breached the commitment.

On December 14, Sans handed a separate statement to the magazine on December 14 (see article at the end of the article) and argued that Andy Lau had contravened the contract. He also revealed that he had reported to the Taipei police that Liu Dehua had accused Li. The Taipei police took the case and sent for investigation in the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office.


Andy Lau Company: Anti-Fraud

A few days ago some Taiwanese media reported that Gathering the Beauty said that Ying Art Troupe unilaterally ended the company qualification as a concert investor and removed the company's brand from the poster. I was confiscated by letter in a letter and I was deceived.

In response to a company called Gathering the Good and Beautiful, the company Graphic Arts Troupe Co., publicly announced a statement on December 13, stating that claims of fraud are unwarranted.

It stated that at the end of August, Augusta had contravened the contract with Jiashanmei, transferred the investment certificates of the concert to a third party, and then officially informed the other responsible person of the cessation of cooperation.


The Andy Lau Company spokesman for the first time accused Juhanmei of breaching the contract

At the end of the statement, the incident aroused public unrest and apologized for the problems caused by Mr Liu.

A person from Liu Dehua Company said allegations of alleged Ju Shanmei fraud were "unreasonable and false." According to the company statement, the company and Ju Shanmei signed an investment agreement on the "Andy Lau 2018 – 2019 Hong Kong Station World Travel Concert". However, further execution of the contract was seriously violated by Ju Shanmei and could not be prevented.

The company also revealed that it has pointed out to Ju Shanme that if it does not accept the company's decision to terminate the co-operation and seize the investment funds under the contract, it can file an arbitration with the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.


Person in charge of Jushanmei: Taipei District Prosecutor's Office investigated the case

"Andy Lau Chinese concerts signed by two parties Hong Kong Tianzhuo Company and Haining Jushanmei Company and Andy Lau Hong Kong concert signed by both sides Yingyi Troupe and Taipei Ju Shanmei have four independent companies, Yingyi confused them two, misleading the audience.

In fact, Andy Lau is very popular with the fan and is very likely. However, some of these ways, as the company does not justify things, and the strength of Andy Lau's rivers and lakes, is used to make collaborative units miserable.

Some people in Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay photographed a number of men with a mask and pulled out banners and cards that read "Ying Yi Company, I also get hard earned money" and "Andy Lau Ying Yi Company is not good and faith." People stood in the street and protested, and the image was very noticeable.


Annex: Statement on Ju Shan Mei Wen Chuang Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Tianwang Andy Lau (Hua Tsai) "2018-2019 Andy Lau World Travel Concert" Hong Kong Red Pavilion Concert Begins Tomorrow Night, On the eve of the concert on the eve of the concert, Yang Art Troupe Andy Lau Company, Suspected of Fraud, Taiwan Concert Investor "Jushan Meiwen Chuang Entertainment Co., Ltd. estimated huge losses, hoping to restore the facts to Huazi to maintain justice.

Latest announcement by Shushan Meiwen Chuang Entertainment Co., Ltd. The leader of Su Yuhong said: "First of all, I do not accept the violation of the agreement, the dispute between Haining Jushanmei and Hong Kong's" Tianzhuo "in mainland China and Taivan Jushan Meiwen Chuang Entertainment Co., Ltd. "The Ying Art Troupe has nothing to do with the four completely different major companies. This is two things: the other side deliberately blends black and white, and claims that our company is not fulfilling its obligations and unilaterally ceasing cooperation.

The second fact that the other party has fraudulent facts was announced at the Taipei City Police Department for fraud. The Taipei District Inspectorate of Taipei's Zhongshan Branch filed a case in the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office, and the case was admitted. The details are not available.

The third point is that he has more than 20 years of experience in this industry, led by Wang Lihong[微博], BIGBANG, Kuraki Mai[微博]While waiting for many concerts in China to attend more than 100 games and inviting the other side to break the treaty, I am also fair and, more importantly, I hope that this event will be restored and I do not want more people to suffer the same as I . "I was told that he is also the super fan service of Andy Lau. For more than 10 years, Hong Kong's field is just around the corner. If Hua Tsai knows that his partner company has really saved me from hard earned money, I do not know, The company will continue to defend its rights and interests until fairness is made.

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