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Li Xiang has been defeated! Zhang Ting Luxury Home Exposition: Space to Park Shoes with Sky Garden – No Problems

Recently, the Zhang Ting breed show opened its big mansion in Xuhui District, Shanghai. The first statement, this mansion has been passed a few years ago, saying that Lin Ruiyang gave Zhang Ting birthday gift, the market price at that time was 1.7 billion. Located on the 19th floor, it is a neighbor with Tencent Building and Mango TV.

This time the program group visited the doors and the images were really frightening. First, the exterior of the building is long.

The Huangpu River offers panoramic floor-to-ceiling views.

The lens is removed and a living room is taken. Finally, I know the correct interpretation of the words 'extraordinary and aggressive'. Is there a renminbi taste?

The program team also went to pick up a picture of Zhang Ting's wardrobe, which is exactly the big shoe cabinet. Go, three main walls, all are Zhang Ting shoes. It is very likely that Zhang Ting used the room to hold all her shoes …

Employees will see Zhang Ting's kitchen. Just from the living room to the kitchen, I went a long walk and walked, Zhang Ting explained: "Many people will disappear when they arrive in my house for the first time."

Then I finally came to the kitchen and looked like it was normal but! The size of the kitchen is also very scary, it is valuable as a living room.

The biggest highlights of Zhang Ting sky garden. Zhang Tingjia lives on the top floor, so the entire garden on the top floor is their home. Look at the expression of the staff pushing the door into the sky garden, and it is difficult for someone to close their mouth and the picture is too shocking.

I don't know, I think I went to a particular place in Thailand. Here you can have afternoon tea, BBQ, Mahjong and even a stroll. It's too big.

When the staff was dumb, Zhang Ting accidentally mentioned: "The last time he came to Xu Wei, he said here is awesome, I can come here to open the screenwriter meeting next time." Like the world.

Zhang Ting, who sits on the river, smiles as sweet.

The horrors are that I walk on a long wooden ladder, my mom, and there was a layer of action area. Feel the photographer below, Zhang Ting and the staff are gradually leaving the back?

After going up, Zhang Ting used a vegetable garden. Creates celery corn radish and so on. Zhang Ting said that home-grown radishes are very sweet, and that children eat them after washing. As far as fertilizer is concerned, it is said that it comes from the collective outcome of the whole family.

After the location shooting ended, the spectators were overwhelmed when they returned to the show. Everyone talks and some people say Zhang Tingjia is like a castle. Zhang Ting picked up the chin and quietly accepted it.

Another guest on the stage with anxiety said he was a native of Shanghai, he knew how strong Zhang Ting's family was, and he hadn't said much about it, and that's all in the air.

Then sat in front of Zhang Ting's Huang Shengyi. After hearing everyone's consent Zhang Tingjia, Huang Shengyi easily smiled.

Do you remember Huang Shengyi's home picture? Saying that there is a castle at home, I still voted for Huang Shengyi.

After all, my son wants to ski and go to his ski resort, he wants to play an amusement park and really created a family of amusement parks, I want to think of it, just king and queen.

Go back to Zhang Ting. The treasures of Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang's wealth are too exaggerated. Soon the couple said that the pair is now 32.8 billion yuan, and this year's closing award for employees was 10 months. Although I don't know how much their monthly salary is, it is still a good envy for 10 months.

Today, another message appeared that Zhang Ting company paid 2.1 billion yuan tax …

In short, Zhang Ting's family, but anyone who touches the money, is considered "100 million yuan". Like friends, doing micro-businesses is really good, and later it is better for micro-companies among friends.

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