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"Harem Belle" is almost 100 Jupiter's attraction – Jupiter, the bigger one, one, is – Technology Daily

2019-01-31 02:00:45 Source: Technology Daily

International reporter Dai Xiaopei

Juneau, who entered the Jupiter orbit in 2016, has regenerated the understanding of the Solar System's Big Mac planets. Recently, scientists analyzed the image of the volcanic eruption on the Io surface by analyzing the data sent by Jupiter on the 17th.

Since space age, people have successfully launched Jupiter-related detectors nine times in total. Despite the fact that Jupiter has acquired one of the huge planets and some surrounding satellites and ring systems, Jupiter still has many unsolved mysteries. For example, in 2018, American scientists claimed to have discovered 12 Jupiter satellites, bringing the total number of Jupiter satellites to 79, sunbathing on other planets in the solar system. Where does Jupiter's great attraction come from?

Big Head: The Great Brother on the Planet of the Solar System

Before you answer this question, you first need to know where Jupiter comes from.

The planets come from the material disk. "The small dust particles in the material disc gather to form large and small masses called" Xingzi ", and the stars face each other to form a larger mass." The Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Astronomical Observatory researcher Kong Dali told Science and Technology Day journalist that The greater the gravity, the stronger the surrounding gas, and the more gas you can grow faster. At this point, other small stars can "only dry their eyes", even if they want to get bigger again, because there is no excess gas around them.

If you use the "head" to talk about heroes, Jupiter will undoubtedly be a noble "born" group. Because it is the largest planet in the solar system, its volume is about 1321 times the Earth's volume, its mass is 1.888 × 1027 kilograms, about 318 times the Earth's mass, and 2.5 times its total planetary mass in the Solar System. Its main part can be 10 times the weight of the Earth, and it is a well-deserved "big brother" of the solar system planet.

Why is Jupiter's size and quality "brilliant"?

NASA Former Astrophysicist Jenny Kavinos "at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)"<星球大战>"The science in the book" writes that the shorter the orbit of the star, the less material is being made to make the planet, so in theory, the closer the planet is, the smaller the size of the planet, the farther from the star. The bigger the planet.

Further away from the sun, the temperature is lower and more substances condense, such as water, methane and ammonia, which form the nucleus of the extraterrestrial planet. The larger the planet, the stronger gravity. This means that it can attract more light and gather around the planet to become a huge atmosphere. This process has created a distant gas giant planet, and Jupiter is one of the great representatives.

Kong Dali believes that Jupiter's quality is consistent with chaos in general and there is no clear theory to explain. “It's like flour mixing in water, it won't melt, it will make big and small particles. And we do not have the ability to decide which one gets bigger and who gets smaller. The mass of Jupiter is better than other planets in the solar system. Great, also very powerful random. "

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