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Happy Twisting Ups and Downs – Wall Street

Source: Meteorite Business Review (ID: libusiness), Wall Street Journal

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"Spinning products must be good," how is the founder of dramatic myth practiced? Word in the mouth of Waterloo, justice was thrown out of China's 600 million, IPO stranded, which happened with a happy twist?

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The comedy always has a natural market resemblance, no matter how many times, the humorous desire is deeply ingrained in our genes. In recent years, Chinese comedy films have become one of the most important Chinese comedy movie brands – Xu Wei's 囧 series – Jou Xingch's Kung Fu director Nin Hao's "Crazy" series.

Beijing Happy Twist Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter – Happy Twist) has been working on comedy for fifteen years. Now it has become the largest comedian IP manufacturing facility in the Chinese entertainment industry, from Charlotte Troubles, Chad Waters, the Shadow Iron Knife Lai to Xihong City's richest man, some people even said he was the King of the Chinese New Comedy Generation.

The honest Twist in the vertical comedy field has created its own unique style and creative process. "Twisted products must be precise products". How is the turnaround quality control system in place? The new movie box The reputation of Waterloo, equity capital was thrown out by China's 600 million, an IPO stranded, happy twist a bit lucky that happened with a "happy myth" that has been honed with 15 years?


Can the laughter be mass-produced?

For the joy to ruin, the dramatic business of the old bank is the main source of cash flow, and many people know the source of happy bends. Happy Twist has accumulated nearly 30 original works and outstanding work, as it has been involved in the planning, production and execution of stage theater for over a decade. Since Piper sold only 7 tickets to more than 4,000 games in more than 60 central cities across the country, it's hard to find a ticket. Good reputation is growing against the trend when the theater is not working.

Cultural products are different from industrial production. Taking into account the different characteristics of time, region and audience, it is difficult to obtain precise assembly lines and precisely control effects, such as industrial products. There are no big movie companies in China. Ways to ensure that each of your jobs has a boutique.

China lacks a director with good works, but there is no such film production organization with constant quality as Hollywood and Marvel. It can realize an industrialized and rationalized content production system that can be quantified. Therefore, the price of shares in the film and television company is very volatile, and investors do not encourage it. The success of Happy Twist, although not greatly commercially successful, gave the internal content market a strong blow by allowing people to see the quality of team production and content quality control. How did you succeed?

On the first days when nobody was interested, Twisted Troupe used this bus to pull people to watch the drama for free, and then used it orally to gradually improve the drama. "Want to eat transforms and turns for you" pulls Xie Nahe as a drama recruited so that the troupe can make full use of high-quality resources to increase traffic. These marketing methods can be troublesome, but rejoicing in being happy is its excellent product quality control system and its scale of operation.

The initial approach was to create user surveys and establish a theater quality supervisor. Each Performance Website has a manager responsible for filling in the quality control report and receiving an audience response for each pre-designed package. If there is no answer to the luggage item, the team will have to discuss the adjustments after the exhibition is completed, will change next time and will be re-tested to find the most suitable performance plan.

The drama is in direct contact with the audience, allowing the lucky basket to find out the audience's laughter, control the rhythm and, of course, throw out an effective trunk at the right time. For example, when Liu Hongtao answered the question "How to rate Wu De Shui," he used the example of "178 Laughing Media University" as an example. This continuously updated program ensures that participants can quickly start up and achieve performance along the road, allowing large-scale reproductions.

In the second half of 2012, following the proposal by artistic director Zhang Chen, Happy Twist created an "artistic decision committee" that included executives, directors, actors, etc., A total of 9 people, consisting of business executives and several directors. They are essentially all 80. All content products the art committee has to approve to start the preparatory phase. At the same time, the project launched under the brand "Happy Twist" is also a comedy work voted by the Art Committee, which is controlled by Happy Twist. Separate choices that avoid age-disruptions in the decision-making process lead to errors in decision-making.

The suite of quality control systems for this content can be tracked for design and implementation, thus Happy Twist not only guarantees the quality of the individual repertoire but also understands the greatly improved success of the horizontal replication products. Several of the typical funny modern examples today are the features of mass creation and polishing. Dance and Tucao conference sections were cross-talked in polished and polished mass executions. Therefore, laughter and luggage are easier to shake, and the laughter is much more dense. As Liu Hongtao, general manager, said, "Many literary authors are known for the term" earthing gas ", which means you have to be in the ground, you must be with the public."

Happy Twist is becoming more and more stable in Beijing. To further develop the market, Happy Twist has branches and offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Harbin, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenyang and Chengdu. The establishment of the new branch has resulted in a widespread implementation of the system of internal trainers. The Happy Twist series in Beijing and the national central cities have made over 4,000 games, bringing an endless joy to more than a million viewers. After a dramatic quality control system is clear, the next step is a large-scale operation that allows the team to maximize the disruption of the geographical distribution and cultural distribution, avoiding a "coffee" audience who does not like the "garlic" Zhao Benshan sketch. Hey Lucky Turner has become a more privately recognized body in the field of local stage drama. Even innumerable young people are very happy about happy changes and have become a social phenomenon.

The skeleton design and quality control system previously allowed the team to use the opportunities offered at the Spring Break evenings and to rapidly expand production capacity. The synchronization was complemented by the rapid increase in market share of Happy Twist in the drama market.


Various attempts

Happy Twist has become a dramatic creator of myth, and is not a happy old-fashioned drama, but a movie and television drama adaptation. The biggest obstacle to limiting the list of films and television companies is project instability. A good movie can lead to rapid growth. A bad movie can also drag a company.

In 2010, Liu Hongtao, the founder of the university with a happy twisted founder, Yu Kai, joined the lucky twist and became the lead manager. The comedy film "Thai" in 2012 reached the peak of the Chinese cassette champion, which Liu Hongtao saw as the market-certified comedy film. Happy Twist is exploring the multi-screen integrated development model and expanding the film and television industry to the new media industry to enhance its reputation and impact.

From the small theater era, funny grooms and plays are known as funny. In 2011, Happy Twist tried to combine its comedy style with essays. The essay "The Fallen Leaves" quickly got into the audience with the 2011 CCTV essay competition platform, and gained a lot. Since then Happy Twisted Products is constantly at the CCTV Spring Festival evening, Hunan Satellite TV Spring Festival evening, "Today's Happy 1", "Today's Luck 2," "Fu Buff," and other sketches make Shen Teng, Ma Li and other twist actors famous . Twist became a frequent evening at the Spring Festival and even became the most anticipated work of the Spring Evening.

Under such a massive base, the introduction of films, the part of people who are typical of this life can easily play the role of KOL, which contributes to the fermentation process of the oral cavity, to help marketing. Thanks to the persistence of art and business, Happy Twist is gradually establishing a comprehensive entertainment industry system based on stage comedy. Happy Twist wants to become a serious vertical comedy company specializing in entertainment in the comedy industry.

The film production group with a maximum without a plateau is not a mature producer group, just like a 100-item random test, can not be considered as the highest student. Unreliable to talk only with cassette data. The truly mature film market is characterized by industrialization, standardization and standardization. All of this, of course, can be aligned with Hollywood. Thanks for the fact that every year the film is being created, and thanks to its unique film quality control system, it is a good idea.

A good twist on the film's quality control system is, first of all, a unique advantage for dramaturization to become a movie. First of all, the drama has been polished for many years, and the script is very mature, creating short and hard writing times for a movie script. Second, the actor is deeply involved with hundreds of performances, and is almost integrated in character. After correction, it can be continually linked to the movie. Thirdly, the drama already has a fixed audience base, and this part of the people who like the drama can easily play the role of KOL, which promotes the film's reputation for fermentation and helps in marketing. The film's popularity is again a drama. The second quality guarantee is the creation of the original "original" team. Three of the film's screenwriters and directors from Happy Twist are written and directed with the original dramatic version.

Previous work from the mouthpiece is a weapon for happy filming, and the use of fermented oral cavities to get long-term boxes is also a common marketing tool. After the initial announcement, the Charlotte Trouble, launched by a dramatic company without a star lineup, did not mix splashes. Liu Hongtao decided to cancel the 1 million marketing spending and organized a 1.5 million fan group that had been happy for more than a decade. The screening activity lasted for 30 days and the fermentation process was performed in the morning.

Charlotte's troubles in 2015 were $ 1.4 billion in cash, and costs were only $ 30-40 million. Based on the red film, the Happy Twist earned 126 million yuan, up 243.12% from last year. In 2016, Happy Twist's second film, Chunde Water, was less than 200 million, with net earnings of 74.799 million yuan, up 43.43% over the previous year, but the film was well-known. In 2017 Happy Twist Iron Fist Shame became the first national day deposit last year with a 70-million-dollar pay-per-click ticket worth over 2.2 billion yuan. With this film, the company's net profit amounted to 390 million, an increase of 422.64% over the previous year.

In 2018, Xihong City's Richest Man, with more than 2.5 billion yuan cash, was sold. Happy Twist has also made a huge profit by investing 40 million, but this movie is a bit special for a successful twist. This is the first "Happy Television" "No Adaptation Film". The idea of ​​"Xihong City's richest people" is not related to any of the dramatic threads, but Universal Pictures allows it from 1985's "Brewster's Million Money" films. Because it's director Yan Fei, Peng Damo and Chief Film Officer Yan Teng of the film's independent action, which is happy, and it's not officially defined as the fourth worthy movie.

On the one hand, the success of this film has expanded "walking paths" on happy bends and found many opportunities to succeed. However, it was genuinely acknowledged as the fourth film, Li Tea Aunt, who faced Waterloo on a national day. History, plot, human design, theme, etc. Almost collapsed, the box office and reputation were very bleak. The lover of a happy bend has for some time invaded.


Happy cutouts that can not be happy

Happy Twist has faced difficulties in the battle for the big screen: the main control capacity is limited, and the risk of participation is too great. In 2017, Happy Twist also started voting, Wu Junru's "Demon Bell" won 360 million cassettes; "Zhou Xingch's disciple" Lu Zhengyu's "Captain of Peace" also gained 101 million cassette offices. However, from an oral point of view, regardless of his quality control system, the work involved is far from the three works that he previously controlled. This is to some extent blocked the path of happy twist. In addition to exploring audio content such as "Happy Twist Theater" and "Jianghu College" online drama, "scenes" and "movies" did not promote too much.

To increase production capacity, Happy Twist chose to start the IPO, hoping to get more money. According to the Happy Twist IPO prospectus of 2017, Happy Twist IPO plans to increase 700 million yuan, in addition to 150 million yuan to supplement liquidity, the rest will be used to invest 6 drama and 6 films. Among them are four films tailored to the Happy Twist Classic Stage Play, "Aunt of the Desert Desert", "Wulong Mountain Fear", "Imprisoned Friends" and "Romantic French Meal". After the end of adaptation of the classic "bottom of the pressure box"? Audiences and markets that have already experienced aesthetic fatigue, what should be a happy turning path in the future?

"Li tea aunt" is not scattered on the National Day stands, and the cornerstone of the shareholders' exit has come to the forefront. The official experience of the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund, which involves interpretation and the transfer of public capital, has left everyone to think about it. The human eyes returned in March this year, rejoicing in preparing for the first episode of drama, but after nearly a decade of preparation, they withdrew their IPO application and were preparing to adjust the ownership structure. It looks like it's sleek and sleek, it's hard to walk.

Some people say that it is a high school student who is beaten every day with a high score. Is it that all nerves are too sensitive and too demanding? Given the decline in the number of "Happy Twist" films, the story and people are gradually becoming clearer, line innovations are less innovative, major artists are independent, young and old actors are clearly divided and content creation is weak. Obviously, what makes everyone worry is not job loss, but rather the scare caused by the failure of the quality control system due to lack of innovation.

The minds of the public and the happy twist can basically make the same number of Shenteng, Marie is a happy twisted signing artist, but with a happy twist there are no shares, and the kind of cooperation with a happy twist is to participate in your company with a happy twist of Collaboration. The risk of loosing the highest artist is still very high, but the added strength of the artists trained by the company is not enough, so the third artist craftsman out of drama and film and television will not be launched. From the company's financial statements, this part does little to promote the company's performance, receive no money, and do not profit the seed manufacturer, because there is really a bit of trouble.



Ending an IPO in the Twist case is not a good thing, but it's good to lose a horse in opposition to dissatisfaction. Although the film and the drama are not separable from different people, the film and the drama are not separable. The maturity and completeness of the quality control system are the basis for long-term success in the swirling line industry.

If the film is removed from the quality control system and training, on the one hand, it can be as "aunt", and now it can no longer be mistaken. On the other hand, the leaders of Shen Teng and Ma Li left the head actor and, after transforming the classic repertoire, could turn Jiang Lang into a cumbersome position.

Follow the store's strategy, take note of the quality of the scene and rhythm on the screen, make more standardized attempts and innovations in the quality control system and improve film production capacity based on the regeneration cycle of the shortened repertoire, scriptwriters, directors and actors. In order to expand the impact rather than the blind receptionists seeking exposure, they are not powerful, but to mitigate the quality control system that can be relied on.

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