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God is fighting! Kawaii 37 points revenge soldier, he waited for 565 days in this battle – Lao Xu said the ball

2018-11-30 18:26:33 Source: Lao Xu said the ball

Original title: God is fighting! Kawai's 37-point revenge warrior, he was waiting 565 days in this fight

On November 30th, during a regular season in the NBA Finals Preview, Raptors beat home at home to win over Warriors 131-128, capturing the seven-game winning streak and finally triumphing their three wins. Durant scored 51 points and 11 rebounds. For the first time he won 40 + three times in a row. Leonards scored a seasonally high of 37 points.

In this game Lori 10 points, 8 rebounds and 12 passes, Sikam 26 points, Ibaka 20 points, Danny Green 13 points, Valanciunas 12 points. Warriors, Thompson scored 23 points, Jerebko scored 20 points, and Iguodala scored 6 points.

Kawaii has a very unique mood for the Warriors, and he has not played against the Warriors because he was "stuck" in the first game in the 2016-17 season. That is to say, again against the Warrior, Leonard waited until May 30, 2017, until November 30, 2018, and was waiting 565 days.

The outside world sees this game as a preview of the finals, but Kawaii is as quiet as ever that this game is the usual season, just another regular season, another challenge. Leonard said: "I hope to play a game. If I'm not in the position of Kevin Durant, then there's nothing.

That's what I said, but in Kawaii's game, there was a strong desire to win. He reached the sweater as soon as the game climbed, then hit the outside and then stopped Durant in the free throw line. Sweater. In the first six shots of the first quarter, he gained 13 points, 1 assistant, 1 stole and 1 blocked shot 6 out of 7 shots, which resulted in Raptors taking an early lead. So Jeremy wrote to Twitter: "Leonard is a machine that is completely unbroken."

David said, "Raptor is a great team, Ke Huai," Durant said. "Leonard is very tough, I like to fight him, his hands will always be close to you, his arms are large, his speed is very fast, you will allow him to steal the ball if you accidentally." So you need to play more energy to beat him and he has a good assistant, they also have Sikam, they have some very good defense players. Their defense is very difficult, so I have to try everything to hit Shooting. "

It is said that the most powerful opponent can inspire his best country. In fact, Durant has played well in this game, gaining 51 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. Kawaii scored a 37 point point that sets a new season. Speaking about his performance, Durant said: "We constantly shoved the ball. We were much behind this evening, I just tried to keep aggression."

Duranda said: "This is the current basketball. We must focus on both ends of the infringement and defense, reduce errors and make less mistakes."

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