Tuesday , October 26 2021

GlobalFoundries 1.59 billion yuan to sell 200 mm fab: TSMC 捡 to Bao – GlobalFoundries, grid core, factory, fab, Singapore, VIS, TSMC – fast technology (original disc home) – technology to change the future


GlobalFoundries announced it will sell its Fab 3E 200mm fab in Singapore to Vanguard International Semiconductor / VIS for $ 236 million ($ 1.59 billion). It is affiliated with TSMC Group and specializes in 200mm fab business.

With this deal, VIS will fully take over all Fab 3E plant facilities, resources, customers and employees, and GF will launch a MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) company releasing it from other factories and technologies.

The Fab 3E factory produces MEMS, analog / mixed signal chips that produce about 35,000 200mm waffles per month.

This level of fabs, the price of 1.59 billion yuan is too low, the standard sale, it is possible that the factory is unable to make money, but GF said it was part of their global manufacturing business integration strategy, in the future GF business focus in Singapore will be RF RF , embedded data storage, analog chips and other differentiated technologies.

Buying a full 200 mm thick waffle base at such a cheap price for the VIS and TSMC simply has a drop in the sky.

Although the size of the base plate is already 300 mm, the market demand for automotive electronic chips, power chips and fingerprint identification chips has increased rapidly over the last two years and is not a process-intensive but cost-sensitive process.

The traditional 200mm fabas is an appetite, and production capacity is not enough – the VIS has been fully operational last year, and the TSMC has also increased its 200mm thickness for the first time in 15 years.

GlobalFoundries 1.59 billion yuan sold 200mm fab: TSMC 捡 treasures

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