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Full-time commercial space is trying to sell or sell part of the equity Suning Tesco

Full-time commercial space is trying to sell or sell part of the equity Suning Tesco

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Source: Beijing Business Daily

Beijing Business News (Reporter Wang Xiaoran Xu Tianyue) Beijing store store market structure may have changed significantly. A Beijing business day journalist, on November 13th, learned from many people familiar with the issue that the Beijing local sales store brand wants to sell, talks with the public are held in full time, or will transfer a stake to Suning Tesco or Wumart.

Indeed, a full-time store has long been "poor". The Beijing Business Daily reporter found that there were not many products in the many daily shelves in Beijing, and they were almost empty. This extraordinary event took place over a month, and some suppliers stopped delivering day-to-day amenities due to issues such as unpaid accounts.

Since the second year, full-time brothers have been living full time in half a year, and there is a danger in the port of land. According to a source close to parent company Fuhua Excellence Business Management Co. Ltd., a Reporter for the Beijing Trade Day revealed that the full-time grocery store and global port finances are relatively independent, and daily operating funds should be limited to the group. The cover has recently been closed. The grocery store is better than Earthport. It supports group protection, but it is also "damaged".

A full-time shop for a long time is considered to be the largest store in Beijing, where there are four or five hundred stores in Beijing. If Suning Tesco succeeds all the time, it means that the Beijing store product market will be an important event.

From nearby shops to 131 amenities and full-time amenities, it has been proven that a capital-based product development model will not work.

Beijing Business Daily Huang Jiangming, Renmin University of China's Dean of Business School, said that convenience stores have high costs, high profits and high returns in three big formats, and many people saw only high profits and did not hesitate to kill hurricanes. However, entering the market does not take into account the preconditions for high costs and high investment. The representatives of the brands of the most successful stores in the world behind large-scale capital, large groups, in order to successfully achieve high profits at high cost and large investments. The capital associated with things like the adjoining store is full of instability. It is not possible to guarantee the long-term high costs necessary for convenience in the store. The result of over-rapid growth is the break-up of the capital chain.

However, in recent years, the Beijing market has welcomed the positive policy of the convenience store industry, which has fostered confidence in the future development of commercial store companies.

On October 18, the Seven Municipal Commerce Department departments jointly managed to issue "Polygraphy and Distribution Regulations<关于进一步促进便利店发展的若干措施>In a statement proposing 19 innovative measures for the location of cosmetics store locations, network layout, project categories, approval of registration, etc., the development of goods store companies in Beijing is foreseen.

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