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Desktop Movie Exhaustive Editor: Web Mystery Scene Special – Movie – cnBeta.COM

The annual Mystery Prison, with freshness of 93% of damaged tomatoes, and Douban score 8.5 are scheduled for release on December 14th.no

The film tells us that the father is revealing the truth by interrupting his subsidiary's social software after his daughter's disappearance. And during this process, the whole process is displayed on the desktop of the computer, completely dismantling the viewer's traditional viewing experience.

Today, the film released a special production, explaining that the new "table movie" form is not easy to do. It's reported that the film was filmed for 13 days, but completed more than two years. Usually most films use up to 3 or 4 layers at a later stage. To maximize the time and detail, the "Network Mystery" image contains more than 30 layers. The famous American Rolling Stone magazine also commented that the film is a "technical miracle".

In the case of a movie, the director of the "desktop movie" created a 100-minute sample

In the video call, in text messages, in search engines, in major social platforms and in other windows, this case was also flourishing and falling. The key lessons learned from the second half of the year will be lifted with new evidence. After the release of North America, the idea of ​​"solving cases with just one computer desktop" impressed all viewers. The "probable chance" immersion was explored with the new form of a table film.

To offset the huge amount of material, Anish left the Google "prototype" system before filming, self timer and self timer, as well as "father", "daughter", "brother" and other films appeared. All major players completed the temporary version for up to 100 minutes. This is equivalent to pre-setting the movie, which creates great convenience for later real-life shots and editing.

Each letter is premature. The mouse cursor will be "running".

In addition to the new film's narrative language, "Web Mystery" is damaged abroad, becoming another important reason why it is the best temporary movie of the year, which is the detailed setting of wrists. Many foreign film critics complained that "everything that appears on the desktop is really helpful." In the film, the layer in one image reached 30 layers. For each open site, the details of the displayed messages can be found in the following episodes.

Moreover, not only the performance of the actors, but also every movement on the screen is a manifestation of character emotions. Mouse movement suddenly slows down, or hesitates to click on a button a second, everything in the director's design. Although he deals with the explosive amount of information, the director regretted that "the effectiveness of editing seems to be returning to the era of the film", but from the already published "Network Mystery" reputation has successfully won people's resonance in the Internet age.

Network Mystery is directed by Anish Chaganti, whose main star is John Zhao, Deborah Mesin and Mitchell La, and will be held in the domestic court on December 14th.

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