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Create a real hammer? Network upload Cecilia Cheung's 3rd father is 65 years old rich – carefree information

Cecilia Cheung

Today, on November 25th, according to Hong Kong media reports, today's talk is on the Internet that Cecilia Cheung gave birth to a third child at Hong Kong's Yanghe Hospital on the 25th of this month. Some media have revealed that the father's father is a 65 year old shareholder in the Chinese food chain and he is on the list. The company is a rich and powerful person.

The Hong Kong media reported that Cecilia Cheung was born with her son, and her father's father met in March this year. This year, Cecilia Cheung often visits Singapore, now his friend. When Cecilia Cheung appeared performances a few months ago, she said her new relationship was "65-year-old Singapore rich man." Though she is 27 years old, she cares for people. After Cecilia Cheung's divorce, peach flowers were still very prosperous. At the time, many people came up with a scandal, but they all got in a bad condition. This year, 27 year old loved for one year, it is reported that both have very good feelings. He liked the mother of Cecilia Cheung and his younger brother, Zhang Haolong. They are openly in love.

In the afternoon, the media revealed that the mother appeared in the hospital, Cecilia Cheung, who saw that the media did not take pictures as usual. She was asked to see her daughter, she explained: "No, it's just a medical help." Some media reported that Cecilia Cheung's mother left hospital and hospital. Zhang's mother kept paper in his hands. She saw that the reporter photographed and traced himself, and accelerated the pace. Did she ask if she had recently seen Cecilia Chung? She stopped for a while without speaking, and then she answered just "thank you, thank you" and left in a hurry.

Cecilia Cheung Ins and Weibo have not been updated recently and all previous posts have been deleted. This May, "If, Love" did not participate in an advertising campaign. Shen Yin's motivation is fine. Many residents at the place of residence said she was often seen 7 or 8 months ago, but she has recently seen it, but many have seen her in a hospital.

So far neither the broker nor the publicity have responded.

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