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Chinese science fiction film for the first year must be landed on science – Earth, Liu Cixin, this movie, practical activities, well – science and technology every day

2019-02-01 02:31:19 Source: Technology Daily

Wang Zhong

"To a certain extent, society's ability to accept science fiction is also an expression of the skill level of social science. There are expectations and a long future for science and technology, and there is a natural motivation and effort for current scientific innovation. Local sci-fi enthusiasts discuss when the first Chinese sci will arrive -fi film years, in fact, instead of intervening in which year, it is better to take every step and take real steps to promote the development of local science fiction. "

The Sci-fi movie "The Wandering Earth" has not yet been released and has led to a heated debate on public opinion. Some of the sci-fi fans who looked at the spotlight said that the film was beyond expectations and was highly recommended on social networks. During a serious spring festival, "Wandering Earth" will become a dark horse.

Scientific literature and films and television, as a unique category in the field of artistic creation, have been increasingly focused in recent years. Unlike pure literary fiction, the imagination of science fiction is based on real science. Many of the predecessors' sci-fi works have been re-tested: people have scientific fantasies, and later they have inventions and works, and science fiction works are often prophecies of the future.

Edited by Liu Cixin, the title of science fiction novel, "Wandering Earth" tells us about the destruction of the sun, the search for a new home for mankind, and the huge construction of propellers on the earth's surface. Although the background of this story is a bit worrying, it does not happen forever. The sun as a star has not only its own life cycle, but the earth itself is in the universe, and it is quite possible to encounter various devastating blows of space. The importance of science fiction is to remind people that they are planning ahead and thinking about the profound proposals of the future of humanity.

It has to be admitted that the overall level of development of science fiction in China has still to be improved compared to the international high level. For a long time, local sci-fi writers tend to be imaginative, but ignore the scientific sphere, and science fiction is more literary, but the scientific level is obviously inadequate. In recent years, Liu Cixin, Hao Jingfang, and other local top science fiction writers have won international awards, suggesting that local science fiction literature has finally reached the big state of science fiction.

Scientific literature and science fiction films and television are also an important event to clarify the soft power of national culture. Hollywood rocking machines sci-fi movies have always been an important category that cannot be ignored, with the sci-fi attributes in the series of films with the global office revenue classification "Avatar" and "Jurassic World", and "Flex Kernel" science fiction movies from Interstellar Crossing such as Gravity, are also supported in the global market.

Accordingly, science fiction films and television have set higher demands on film and television production capabilities. The reason why there is little good work in local sci-fi movies in the past is that many of the works with sci-fi flags are only far away, and foreigners arriving in the ground and overflowing with a strong summer wind are an important reason for the local movies. and the development of the television industry is weak. . Nowadays, the local cinema and television industry is gradually approaching the highest level in the world and is increasingly learning from the developed countries and is collaborating globally, which has created the conditions for the production of scientific fantastic films such as Wandering Earth.

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