Sunday , April 11 2021

China's landscape is very attractive for the fifth episode "Reform and Key to Release" – China Daily

The premiere of the 10th of December on the channel channels will be presented by the TV program "The Reform and Discovery Key" of the 7 popular theories. The film tells the story of life in a youthful story and introduces the Chinese story in a youthful perspective. Guests and spectators from China and abroad return to the miraculous 40 years and touch the era of great change.

Fifth episode "China's landscape is very attractive" was broadcast on December 14th.

During the program, Du Shaozhong, director of the Health and Environmental Communication Institute at the Chinese University of Communication, has undergone major changes to the Tongju Channel for eight years. As he describes the connection between ecological civilization and the simple daily lives of people, from the Gobi Desert to the Forest Ocean, Saihanba in the province of Hebei, How Chen Yanqi, the first-generation forestry farmer of the forestry, burns the most beautiful young people in Saihanb; Professor Wang Canfa of China University of Political Science and Law says: "Reviewing GDP by Investigating Economic Development Indicators, Checking Money" to "Trial, Test and Air". In this way, the change in the standards of assessment, Zhu Chuanhui, winner of the United Nations Earth Custody Youth Prize will make the legendary a story about a panda that affects the world. Why did he say that panda has protected thousands of creatures around him? More exciting, stay.

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