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Cheng Shan: Gene editing kid opens "" box | He Jianquu New Tang Dynasty TV

If the topic of genetically modified food issues is still in the debate when the experiment of condemned genetically-cloned sheep has disappeared from the death of goat Dolly, biologists from the world's famous universities have agreed on a consensus when human bioethics is sacred and inviolable, he opened Jianka a box.

Some people still remember that in 2017, the Harvard Chinese Forum, one of the inventors of gene technology editors and professor Zhang Feng, a longtime professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that this technology is needed: "It is a huge responsibility with enormous power."


On November 26, 2018, People's Daily stated that "the world's first genetically engineered immune system for AIDS was born in China," and Vi Jianqi, Associate Professor at the University of Southern Science and Technology, was full of self-confident publicity films. People born in China who have used their next generations as experimental products have also been born in China. Even Leichi, whose patent inventors, who dared to cross, broke the morale of a strong country.

The film on the ethical aspects of genetic modifications is endless … fly, Gattaca, Jurassic World, Splice, Blade Runner 2049 … Volkswagen on cloning, genetic modification There is a common sense of understanding about the dangerous consequences.

I still remember the familiar scene we saw in the movie. The mysteries of Western dark forces and the madness of science frenzy carried out experiments that threatened humanity. The story draws attention to the rightful side to try to stop the threat of what has happened. In a time when China's technology is still lagging behind, most of us are left with the impression that the advent of the science of evil is a Western thing, but today the film about the past is actually alive in China.

According to current evidence, all are involved in the National Clinical Trials Center, Shenzhen Kechuang, Southern University of Science and Technology, Hemei Medical, Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Hospital and He Jiankui Bohai Technology Co., Ltd. In fact, with careful consideration, China is already at the moment the main conditions for human genetic transformation, for thinking of atheism, for investing in government innovation projects, for thousands of people who are planning to hire highly skilled talents, a low-level human rights community to provide unknowing experimental participants and poor legal supervision. Wait, it has caused such consequences.

The CCP's social environment in China over 70 years of atheism has led to the death of life from government to people. Although science itself is not afraid of life, the development of Western genetic research has been able at this stage to edit and modify genes. However, where beliefs and traditions still exist, the unknown effects of science can still be limited at the last minute, but the CCP was used to commit an error, which was unable to use the law and opened the door to hell.

In addition, in a society in which China's money is the highest, national morality and legal awareness of fertility are very indifferent. Guangzhou illegal detention facility has long been an uncontrolled state. Some Nordic customers have got baby substitutes. After raising children for several years, they discovered that children are increasingly considered Cantonese. It is conceivable that the egg is not completely taken from parents, as the healthiest egg is most likely to be implanted, so the body dare to fake. There are also plans for birth divorces, as well as medical services for boys and girls who are also very prosperous in mainland China. Organ transplantation, facial change, facial straightening, etc. Wherever you can earn a lot of money is the ethics of losing control. In such an ethical environment, the environment is provided for various non-profit experiments.

What is the purpose of the experiment? According to He Jianquu's introduction, a genetic editing project was carried out to allow children to be born with AIDS. The couple who received the experiment were all infected with HIV and their wife was not infected. Some researchers have questioned the need for this experiment. HIV can not infect semen and eggs. AIDS is not a genetic disorder that can block the possibility that a father suffers from AIDS. So, what is the purpose of developing an AIDS immunization program? It is possible that in these two newborn childhood there is no marriage of parents. It can be spoof, experimentation or success. AIDS is just a trick. But where are their future? Experimental products for two genetic defects are unpredictable, and they can be left at any moment under pressure or are likely to be stored as observation objects, and there are crimes against humanity around us.

Jianqu, 34, is an outstanding science and technology talent. His father said in an interview: he is the first and talented Jianquui. He is a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the United States Rice University, a doctoral student at Stanford University and a talented person in China. He has Jiankai, a shareholder of at least seven companies, with a legitimate representative of six companies, and actually controls five of them. The total registered capital of these seven companies is 151 million yuan. It can be said that business is thriving and prosperous. After he returned to China, he quickly got the investment and lucky chains just above the corner.

This time, He Jiankui thought that birth of the 基因 基因 genetic baby was 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 的 生活 出口 生活 出口 生活 出生 出生 出生 出生 出生 出生 出生 出生 出生 出生 "Discard Like Many of China's high-alumni who grew up in China, his path to life has been successful in examining his exams. His views on life should lose many humanities, live, right and wrong, morals and faith. Although he is also in the United States, he is In the animal experiments, biological experiments are carried out on a daily basis, and for him Jiankui is rarely an opportunity to be rational. He was chosen by the CCP for tens of thousands of people to return to China. If literary talents were not ethical, they could have been very well used by the CCP.

So when he spoke at the Hong Kong World Summit on Genealogy Transformation on November 28, he told Jianquui that I first apologized for the disclosure of incidental results, which resulted in the complete failure to provide complete data and did not occur before the meeting. In response to questions from industry experts, he said: "I'm proud of this experiment and I am most proud of it. One can see that Jianka's accusation in the system is that he revealed the goal too early and he only strives to succeed. The reason for the public questionnaire is completely incomprehensible. He only knows technology and does not understand ethics. He is probably the waxy insect described in Zhuangzi's "Autumn in the Water", which is very sad.

Although the Western Biosphere has reached a broad consensus on the bottom line of genetic engineering, there are still some biological experts and scientists who privately believe that human choice and pathway for gene transformation are unbroken. But in China there will be more people who have this opinion. For decades, the CCP has been pushing for all industries to flourish, grow and become stronger, giving the industry the idea that sooner or later human genetic operations should be tried. Instead of letting the West take leadership, it is better for us to do it ourselves. The debate about this incident, similar to the cases of genetic genetic modification in the past, is not contested, some people in the biological industry deliberately want to keep the human genes in their hands, which is the purpose of their lives, faith.

Despite the strong public opinion, the Chinese Science and Technology Association and the National Health and Health Committee have responded: "The project seriously violates national laws, regulations and ethical guidelines and resolutely deals with violations of laws and regulations." However, in the Chinese soil, it is expressed by the CCP. lead to darker technology and experiments will be carried out calmly, but they will learn the hidden and furnace packages. The CCP will not be broken and it will continue.

In the ancient Greek mythology, Pandora's Treasury is open. According to mythology, people really end up in wars, diseases, disasters and lies. The emergence of modern AIDS can be related to a person's sexual disorder, and then it is widely distributed among the toxic dysfunctions. By destroying the human immune system, if people stop obesity and humility, AIDS naturally disappears. In addition to AIDS syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases also damage the body's immune system, it is not accidental, what kind of behavior people will be tasted.

Pandora did not listen to the gods, get acquainted with curiosity and relieve the disaster. How can a person's imitation, which by its very nature is not protected, can rely only on medicine and biology to stop it? Human genetic experiment, under the guise of immune AIDS, is even more rampant.

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