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Chen Yufan girlfriend account and massive beauty effect, fell in love for 4 years – carefree information

On November 28, the police confirmed Chen Yufan's drug-related reports and was arrested along with Chen Yufan and his girlfriend, He Moumou, who had been in love for many years. Chen Yufan and Bai Baihe announced divorce news in 2017. These two men resolved by the end of 2015. When Chen Yufan and his girlfriend were arrested for drug use, they indirectly discovered that they were ruined by Bai Baihe. Bai Baihe was photographed in 2017. Small meat in Thailand is not dumped. It's normal love.

Who is He Moumou, who is involved in Chen Yufan Bai Baihe's marriage? Through deep understanding of non-citizens, we learned to call Jane, live in Urumqi and study in Shanghai. And when Jane's personal data is also exposed.

When Jane's ins account was updated on March 20, 2014, there was a lot of personal photos, travel photos and food photography. From the surface it was beautiful beauty. It seems that nothing unusual. But when we commented on Jane's comments, we got to know. In April 2014, when I captivated my country trip and the passports dried up, all my friends blessed him, and when Janee suspected that Chen Yufan's account was "Love you!" "I'll be back on my next birthday, come to my birthday party, all the sisters!" The inside information maker said that Chens Jufans had fallen in love for many years, and commenting on Jane's account shows that both have fallen in love for over 4 years .

When Jane traveled back to China, she took a beautiful photo of Aite Chen Yufan: "I quickly painted my ears!" "Haha, it's May 1!" "Say good, date".

When Jane was reliant on Aite Chen Yufan, who concentrated mainly in April 2014, April seems to be a very important time for their emotional development. And Chen Yufan is "somewhat close to human feelings". When Jane has always been Aite, he has not responded. Chen Yufan's accounting report was later written off and when Aite was gone. As a celebrity Chen Yufan was not divorced by Bai Baihe at that time. It is worth understanding peripheral interactions with better privacy. After all, there are a bit of clues in the internal network, and all clues will ruin people who eat melons. The calculation of the exit calculations is Chen Yufan, not Bai Baihe. It can be said that Chen Yufan was arrested with his girlfriend, who had been in love for many years. It was saved as Bai Baihe, who was recorded for over a year.

When Jane likes to capture personal photos and travel photos, he has been in many places in the world. In addition to the beauty and travel of the sun, when Jane seems a little sentimental, she really likes to send a chicken soup.

From the time I evaluate the content, I understand that she worked during the tide.

On May 8, 2015, when Jane sent a confession: "I love you!"

On June 8, 2015, when Jane acknowledged: "I am very persuasive to you, but I do not convince you!" Eventually, Chen Yufan was not divorced and publicly told Chen Yufan that I miss you too risky.

After May 8, 2017, when Jane is no longer recovering. On May 8th, it looked like a birthday when comparing different photographs and information sets. In April 2014, when Jane invited Chenufanu to take part in her birthday when she returned to China, did she know Chen Yufan going to appoint?

On April 16, 2017, Chen Yufan and Bai Baihe announced they had divorced at the end of 2015. There are reported divorce messages, both of which can usually fall in love with others. It seems that there is no need to re-silenced the insult, so Chen Yufan and when. It is also worth understanding that there are different ways of going out and stopping.

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