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Canghuang escaped from Chievo's beautiful position Ventura "撂 子" led captain dissatisfied | Chievo | Ventura | beautiful Sina News

The original name: Canghuang fled from Chievo's beautiful position Ventura "撂 子" was headed by the captain unsatisfied

Data card: Ventura.

Beijing, November 14 CheWay Club 13. Beijing evening evening officially announced that the team and head coach Ventura terminated the contract and entered into force immediately.

Ventura was only responsible for the Chivo coach in October. He trained four games, the team had only 1 draw and 3 losses, and the record was gloomy. After the second 2-2 round against Bologna, Ventura proposed to resign, although Chievo still hopes Ventura can change his mind, but due to player reservations, Ventura's departure is the final end.

The 39-year-old captain Pelicia wrote in the social media with anger: "We continue in the difficult season, we are punished for financial problems, and it's very difficult after the start of the season, worse, a new trainer just arrived. How long does it take to leave! Those who love this team will not leave it out because of a bad situation. Do not use it like Ventura, we need to win together and lose together. This is what the team needs to do. "

Ventura's last job was the head coach of Italy's national team. Thus, the year before leaving Italy lost to Sweden in two stages and did not fully meet the 2018 World Cup.

After the Ventura break, Chievo found his old acquaintance Domenico de Carlo, and this was the third time when the last appeared in the position of Chievo coach. (The end)

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