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Bell sent 5 years ago "Century Overtaking" classic Barcelona declarations: We are here again! – Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Solari, he's – Netease Sports


2019-02-02 08:20:51 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported February 2:

The King's Cup semi-finals met Barcelona and Real Madrid. Two Spanish national derby will be held in February. Bell, who hasn't started before the injury, is obviously waiting for the derby. In the social network, Bell sends his party five years ago, and he proclaimed Barcelona this way!

In 2014, King Cristiano Ronaldo was injured in the finals of the royal cup and Bell became a rescuer of Real Madrid. At the end of the game, Bell left the ball and broke through the Baltra, shot a low shot and shot the ball from the goalkeeper of Barcelona. This goal is one of Bell Real's career masterpieces.

If the day pushes me, open the day! The fourth anniversary of the Bell Century, German media do not understand: he is now ruined?

Restore the classic of the year:

The popcorn hole appears again! Bell out of the car over 5 seconds, ran 50 meters

Twitter, Bell's photo was bursting in four breaks. Two are moments when he wears a flat door, and the other two are his target images. "We're here again!" Bell declared war in Barcelona.

In the first national derby this season Messi Barcelona 5-1 battle Real Madrid shortage, which led directly to Lope Milk. After Solari's appointment, Nou Camp battle next week will be his first time as a coach in the national derby. "Aspen" pointed out that the Solari training record is better than Valverde.

Since entering Real Madrid, Solari led the team to play 22 games, the team record has 17 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses, the Solari winning percentage is 77%. This season, Valverde led Barcelona in 34 games, while Barcelona has 22 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses, and Barcelona 71%. According to Solari, Real Madrid averaged 2.5 goals and 1 goal. Barcelona averaged 2.6 goals and 0.97 goals, both of which were slightly stronger than Real Madrid.

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