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The original name: Beijing State Hospital Deccan Pilot Annual Salary System Leaders Review Global Recruitment

Legal evening news and opinion polls (Reporter Cui Yifei) Recently, the Beijing Municipal Government issued a "Implementation Plan for the Development of a Modern Hospital Management System in Beijing". Zhong Dongbo, Member of the Party Committee on Health and Family Planning in Beijing, explained that national hospitals should be more autonomous, more viable, more effective, and, ultimately, that people consider higher quality medical services and greater security. Guarantee, costs and costs are better controlled.


Try a global recruiting hospital management pilot annual salary system

The "Implementation Plan" proposes reforming the system of selection and appointment of national hospital managers. Facilitate the professionalisation and professionalism of the president, vice president and chief accountant of the National Hospital. Expand the scope of selection and employment and get a glimpse at global recruitment. Zhong Dongbo explained that Global Recruitment Hospital leaders are global vision and capital standards. Currently, some research institutions have begun global recruitment.

Photo / Legal Evening News · Reporter Cui Yifei, Recognition MessagePhoto / Legal Evening News · Reporter Cui Yifei, Recognition Message

The reporter noted that the program proposes a pilot scheme for annual hospital wage management based on performance evaluation, an annual remuneration system for state hospital managers, dynamically adjusting annual salary standards for managers, and exploring subsidies with public financial channels. . Leaders who have been on the hospital for a long time and have been brilliant and paid, can be appreciated and rewarded in accordance with the relevant rules.

At the same time, the position of general accountant was created in municipal and district state hospitals, and as the hospital management team member was managed by the hospital's economic management. Strengthen and improve the economic management of public hospitals and assess the performance of the national hospitals' economic management. Strengthen internal audit of public hospitals and promote auditing of certified accountants.

The program emphasizes that it will strengthen the supervision of government hospitals, protect and improve human health as the main responsibility of public hospitals, strictly control the services of special needs and provide specific services up to a maximum of 10%.


The assessment of performance shows that patient satisfaction increases year by year

Since its inception in 2011, the Beijing Municipal Hospital Administration has investigated the assessment of the performance of local government hospitals. The assessment does not measure the size and income of the hospital, but assesses the quality, safety, efficiency, cost control and social satisfaction of medical services. Patient satisfaction increased from 85.96 in 2012 to 92.6 in 2017.

Ms. Lu Yiping, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Hospital Administration, said that "patient satisfaction" is the highest in the evaluation of the results. Traffic problems, medical disputes and security incidents can be deducted as negative events.

It is understood that Jing Yi Tong was appointed as the lead in performance evaluation, and the total number of registered registrations has reached 15.62 million times due to Beijing's unified medical communications platform. The total number of outpatient registrations in municipal hospitals has reached 88%, effectively reducing the patient's length. Team problem.

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