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Barcelona's official Xuan Xilaisen ceasefire in 6 weeks after the injury Paco was bought in Dortmund – Bundesliga, a month he will, Real Madrid – China News Net


2019-02-02 10:41:10 Source: China News Net

China New Network Client February February, La Liga giants in Barcelona officially announced the 2nd, the team's Dutch goalkeeper Sileson injured in the right foot training, will be shut off for 6 weeks, he will not be able to play the next three games with Real Madrid Competition. At the same time, this season's most outstanding Tedmont shooter Paco officially bought "Hornet".

Next month, Barcelona will play against Real Madrid three times in the league and the cup, and Sileson will not be able to play these three games according to the team's injuries.

Although not the first goalkeeper of the team, Sileson has successfully completed the King's Cup. Barcelona's second round of the Seville coup, in addition to many wonderful savings, Sileson also fines.

At the same time, Barcelona also announced that Dortmund officially activated the redemption clause in the Paco lease.

25-year-old Paco left Toronto to join Dortmund, he played very well in Dortmund, scored 13 goals in 18 games and ranked second in the Bundesliga. Currently, Dortmund holds first place in Bundesliga talks and hopes to win the league title. (The end)

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