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Original Apple Music Connect InterfaceOriginal Apple Music Connect Interface

On Saturday morning, 14 December, Apple announced that Apple Music artists will abandon Apple Music Connect's release feature, and the previous Apple Music Connect content will be erased in May next year. This means that Apple once again enters the social network and lost.

Apple Music Connect is a platform for artists / artists and fans working with Apple Music Services. It was created on the Apple Music platform, allowing music artists to communicate directly with their fans. In short, it is a social way based on music directed by the big star V.

This platform has been online since 2015, but it seems to have failed. At the beginning of the release there were artists who portrayed this platform and were not suitable for socialization. Flight Mode singer Dave Wiskus once said on his blog that he believes that Apple Music Connect's social features are not tied to the music world and can not be used as a regular social network.

Apple Music has received a statement from Apple today:

"We've made some changes to Apple Music and we want to tell you.

We are always looking for ways to increase artist attention and help them get better with their fans. That's why we assigned a new design to the artist's page and added a new, personalized artist broadcast.

Today, we'll remove the connection from the artist page and your pages to make it easier to find music. This means that from December 13, 2018, you will not be able to publish the content of the connection, but all previously uploaded content will still be able to search until May 24, 2019. You can still create artist tracks with the latest version of Apple Music. "

In fact, this is not the first adaptation of Apple's Apple Music Connect. Since then, it has been cut from a separate Apple Music tab to the "For you" section, which is equivalent to lowering from the first level menu to the second level menu.

Apple has built a number of great hardware and has further improved its experience in creating an app ecosystem, but the company does not seem to have any product gene product and never succeeded in getting social products.

Jobs launched the iTunes-based music social network "Ping" in September 2010 at the new product launch site Jobs. He wanted to create an iTunes-based music social network that allows users to communicate with their friends and their favorite artists to discuss their favorite music.

The outside world believes that this is the task Jobs has launched on Facebook and Twitter, but in reality Ping's design is somewhat controversial, it's more like a platform for selling music content in social wrap.

Jobs introduced Ping on the scene.Jobs introduced Ping on the scene.

In May 2012, CEO Cook finally admitted that the user's choice suggests that this is a product that is not worth the effort. On September 30 this year, Ping was officially closed.


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