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Andy Lau: I didn't expect the repayment process to be cumbersome. I will compensate the fans who do not want to repay. – Yes, let me, in Hong Kong, I really am – Beijing news


Source: Beijing News

(Original name: Andy Lau promises in his own name that he will compensate for concert compensation fans)

Beijing News On the evening of December 28, 2018, Andy Lau's Hong Kong concert was opened halfway through the neck's health and the cancellation of the next seven games. On February 1, Andy Lau responded to a refund of the concert on the official website, saying that the cumbersome repayment process was unexpected, he promised in his own name that he would compensate for tickets that did not want to refund the ticket, saying he would take care of the reward in the future. Audience: "Please believe me, all viewers who have paid back or have not repaid are my friends!" Finally, Andy Lau sends a new year greeting to the fans.

Already on January 2, 2019, Andy Lau, a Hong Kong concert organizer, issued a statement stating that in December 2019, Hong Kong's colleague had applied for lease space in the hope of organizing performance. If the lease application is successful, the audience may choose to accept the replenishment or refund procedure.

On January 18, Andy Lau made a special statement stating that the application for the renewal of the Andy Lau concert was not accepted and announced the refund.

Liu Dehua's neck was sore and canceled, shouted and apologized.

On the evening of December 28, Andy Lau's concert in Hong Kong just started singing the third song "If One Day", because the throat was sore and unable to continue, he tears tears on the stage and announced the end of the concert at night: "Just doctor Let me not sing, but I really can't. “It is reported that Andy Lau's initial singing plan at the Hong Kong Red House has taken place for 20 consecutive games until the New Year, and this night is already up for the 14th game. The neck was sore and had to announce the cancellation. Andy Lau also shouted at the stage to apologize to the audience saying that further compensation will be announced again. At night, artists such as Li Jian and Hu Xinger performed in the auditorium.

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