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Ali Financial Hu Xiaoming has been divested for two years by financial service president | Jing Xiandong | Hu Xiaoming | On Financial Services _ Sina News

Original title: Ant Jinfu's president vacated for two years, Ali Finance Hu Xiaoming back with technology

Our reporter Bao Hui Wang Xiao Hangzhou Beijing report


Ants Jinfu's engineer told reporters that Sun Quan's return reflects the Technology Strategy. The greatest expectation on the inside is that he can continue to record in the age of Alibaba's cloud and help the ants to make their technological capabilities bigger and stronger.

For two years now, the presidential post of liberating gold was in the position of veterinarian Hu Suioming.

On April 9, 2018, Ant Finance announced that Peng Lei had retired as Ant Financial Manager and that Jing Xiandong, Chief Executive Officer of Jinfu, became chairman. Jing Xiandong joined Alibaba in 2007 and served as Alipay Finance Director. After 2014, he became a COO for Ant Finance. Since June 2015, he has become president of Ant Finance.

On October 8, 2016, on the second anniversary of Ant Financial, Jing Xiandong took over from Peng Lei, Ant Financial CEO. That is, since 2016, Ant Financial has never been a president.

On November 29, 2018, Ant Finance announced improvements to its organizational structure: President Hu Qiaoming (known as Sun Quan), president of Alibaba Cloud, became president of Ant Financial Group and reported to Chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong. Jing Xiandong and Hu Xiaoming are all beautiful after 70. Hu Xiaoming joined Ali in 2005 and Jing Xiandong joined Ali in 2007.

New President Hu Xiaoming is Ali's business finance founder. Before joining Ali in 2005, he worked for many years in the banking system. Prior to Ant Gold service was not created, Hu Xiaoming was the first Ali borrowed business and opened Ali's financial transaction card. At the time Ant Finance was established, Hu Ciaoming became the president of the Alibaba Cloud in 2014.

Hu Xiaoming's articles and homework

Four years after Hu Xiaoming returned, what can he take to Ant Finance? What problems does he face?

Alibaba Cloud for the four years of Hu Xiaoming's helm, Alibaba Cloud has become a new growth pole in the Alibaba economy. Since 2015, the average growth rate of Alibaba Cloud has exceeded 100%. The global cloud computing market has featured the 3A competition model for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

Four years later, he returned to Jinfu as president. On Hu Xiaoming he returned to the battlefield and field with which he was known. For Ant Financial, it is a "professional" leader who understands both the financial and cloud management technology management experience.

In an internal letter, Jing Xiandong also said: "I hope the return of Sun Quan will bring new advancements in the development of the ants financial development and credit system and will better promote open cooperation between financial technologies."

In the three years that Jing Xiandong took over Ant Financial, Ant Financial developed three technology, responsibility and globalization strategies, completed the B financing round and made unprecedented investments in cutting-edge technology placements and reserves … It's inseparable from Jing Xiandong's vision and vision.

In 2018, almost all of the "ant" technology developments focused on "full openness": open source locking technology and an on-line BaaS platform that allows small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to directly develop a range of application scenarios for the underlying technologies in the block diagram; An open biometric technology that allows restaurants and shops in cities 1, 2, 4, and 4 to directly access and open up the era, open air technology, significantly reducing the control of financial institutions and SMEs, and risk factors, open the clouds Technologies to accelerate the speed of Chinese banks in the cloud …

Hu Xiaoming, who won the commercialization of technology, "moved" ants this year, clearing the clear signal: the ants boldly move to a completely open-platform platform based technology company. Alipay, which today has more than 900 million global users, has evolved from a super APP to a super-technology interface.

At this point, once the corporate governance structure is further enhanced, this list will undoubtedly become the first major issue faced by Hu Xiaoming.

Both "fin" and "tech" manager

Many of the subordinates who Hu Xiaoming originally estimated was Hu Xiaoming is very much appreciated. A 21st century economic reporter said that Hu Shaming's return to Ant Jinfu is a good thing, and it's worth looking forward to. In particular Hu Xiaoming's understanding of the financial system, especially the new financial sector, is very deep. "The most credible thing is that his attitude to P2P has, in essence, been fulfilled for a long time. In 2013, Sun Quan (Hu Xiaoming's Flower Name) thought that, according to the assumption that there is not enough credit system support, many so-called P2P's are Ponzi schemes, and the unlimited P2P mode is likely to hang on to people. It's about 2013, when many thought P2P was a download software, later on. This is confirmed by the facts. "

A person from Ali's business finance company told the 21st Century Business Letter that Hu Jayaomind was an early flower merchant and former Sesame Credit credit operator and created the predecessor of the online merchant Ali Xiaoyu. At the same time, it also created an Internet-based small loan business.

Hu Xiaoming's famous work Ali, in 2009 he began his business Ali and created Ali Xiaoyu. Ali Xiaoyu has created a large data loan model using technology to provide credit services for small and micro enterprises, so small and micro enterprises do not need any mortgage, they do not have to trust people to find a relationship, only rely on their loans to get loans, and with Busy

After the establishment of Ali Siu Lian, the business has grown rapidly. It has grown by more than 300% for several consecutive years and has gained great recognition from the community to serve small and micro enterprises. This project allowed Ali to see the technology and financial chemical reactions and opened the curtain of curriculum development for Aizi Finance Technologies. In 2013, Ali Xiaomin and Alipay, led by Hu Xiaoming, united Ant Financial Service for the next year.

In the four years of Alibaba Cloud education, Hu Xiaoming's technology awareness is not the same as before, which is also highly compatible with the "technical route" of Ant Financial.

Hu Ciaoming became president of Alibaba Cloud. HsiaoMing, born in a traditional bank, was not a technical man, but he could use technology.

According to his impulse, the world's first city of the brain was located in Hangzhou, China's first party government public service cloud. Cloud computing began to deeply integrate into industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, finance, medicine, retail, aviation and biological genes, and became the driving force behind digital China.

During this period, Alibaba Cloud not only set the Chinese market's absolute leadership, but also entered the global market with an average annual growth rate of 100%. The "3A" competition model "Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud" was originally set. . At the same time, Alibaba Cloud has been pushing China's self-developed large-scale computing operating system "Flying" globally and has become a new direction for Alibaba's economic growth.

On Jinfu's in-house information service, the 21st Century Business Herald said that the return of Sun Quan actually reflects the Technology Strategy. Sun Quan's greatest hope is that he can continue to record in the age of Alibaba's cloud and help ants increase their technological capabilities. Be strong and get more results at the application level.

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