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Accurate Burden Reduction "Small Micro" Fast Forward | Burden Reduction | small micro | Enterprise _ Sina News "

Original Name: Accurate Burden Reduction "Small Micro" Quickly

After tax reform, the company will enjoy a tax reduction in a "red envelope". Since last year, tax reduction policies, such as value added tax reform, corporate income tax reform and personal income tax reform, have continued to decline, and the public safe deposit box has become a "drum".

In 2019, tax cuts and tax cuts were accelerated and this led to heated discussions at the second meeting of the 13th Provincial People's Congress. How to put the action into practice to let the company feel the power of "decompression"? Where are the focus of future tax cuts and reductions? Representatives of the Provincial People's Congress have made suggestions.

Text / Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter He Ruiqi, Fang Qing, Huang Zining, Jia Zheng, Yang Yang, Lin Xiahong

Since last year in Guangdong has a tax cut and a "big package" cut in tax been released? Provincial Government Work Report and Guangdong Provincial Tax Administration National Tax Administration Bureau use data to show a sense of profit from the policy dividend.

What tax cuts and reductions in "big package" have been released in Guangdong?

160 billion yuan

In 2018, the province's new tax cuts and toll cuts were about 160 billion yuan.

27.7 billion yuan

In 2018, the Guangdong tax system deepened the VAT reform with a total tax cut of about 27.7 billion yuan, of which private companies benefited from a tax cut of 16.8 billion yuan.

16.4 billion yuan

Guangdong Provincial Tax Office rigorously implements the minimum basis for core business insurance for company employees, divided into four zones, unemployment insurance and job loss insurance rates in 2018, the total social security burden was reduced by 16.4 billion yuan.

13.42 million

The new tax law introduced six specific additional deduction policies based on a basic cost reduction of 5,000 yuan per month and a medium to low-level tax rate that better balanced taxpayers' income levels and affordability, benefiting from 1342 Guangdong. Ten thousand taxpayers.


Gree reduced taxes by 4.5 billion yuan last year

13. The discussion session of the second session of the National People's Congress "Tax Reduction and Reduction" is a common keyword. There is no impact on tax cuts and tax cuts, and the company has a real feeling.

"In 2018, Gree reduced the tax burden by 4.5 billion yuan, using tax reduction policies, and reducing the burden is very obvious." Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of the National People's Congress and Chairman of Zhuhai Gree Group Co., said: "If there is no tax reduction policy, Gree Last year I had to pay 20 billion yuan in taxes."

“Before that, the tax burden was high, but there may be some companies that are not standardized and have not paid. The tax burden is now much reduced, but the company feels that it has a heavy tax burden. In fact, this is because the tax is standardized and more transparent. ”And as far as she knows, many downstream companies have done a good job last year. Where does the business dilemma of other companies come from? "There may be too many bubbles, and the leverage is too high. It is necessary to check where the funds of these companies are used. ”

In order to improve the sense of taxpayers, Dong Mingzhu believes that, in addition to tax cuts, there is a need to improve tax transparency. "Taxpayers want to see the consequences of using in public construction and used to build national defense and are used for education and health, and they are more transparent." She also suggested rationalizing different taxes, preferably to the same value Taxes People clearly understand taxes. Judging by the practical feelings of companies, heavy tax cuts and reductions have led to greater awareness of the acquisition.


Wu Kechang, Provincial People's Congress:

Reducing social security rates allows companies to 'easily install'

Corporate income tax relief must be fully implemented and tax and duty policies under local jurisdiction should be reduced in line with the statutory minimum rate set by the state. In particular, it is recommended that small and medium-sized enterprises that meet the requirements will be subject to income tax at a rate of 50% and corporate income tax will be paid at 20%. If a corporation tax or personal income tax paid by a private company or its individual shareholders' capital transfers complies with the established standards, appropriate remuneration is provided.

In addition, there is a need to further streamline the administrative and institutional costs of businesses and reduce the level of corporate rates in social security. More specifically, it is advisable for one unit to collect the fees charged in a uniform manner in order to reduce the company's "mother".

In terms of the proportion of corporate social security contributions, it is advisable to further reduce the number of social insurance companies.

Representative of Provincial People's Congress Zhang Dalin, Chairman of Guangzhou Fengle Group:

At the same time, tax cuts and corporate taxation can be encouraged

In terms of tax cuts and reductions, we can further increase our efforts and continue to innovate. Is it possible to consider investing half of the taxes paid by companies in innovation and R&D and deducting them?

It is advisable to combine tax cuts and reductions by encouraging companies to innovate and develop, and it is possible to introduce some guidance and leadership support systems to enable SMEs to pay more for tax, thus mobilizing the enthusiasm of SMEs and trying again. and then innovations.

There are also problems related to the “financing difficulties and costly financing” faced by SMEs, as well as the need for continuous testing and implementation of new roads and methodologies, as well as ongoing evaluation and evaluation. Banks are risk management companies, we need further in-depth research on how banks are ready to lend to SMEs, and then we need to identify what coordination mechanisms should be set up, to destroy heavy bones and to unnecessarily encourage SMEs to reduce the burden.

Provincial People's Congress Representative, Guangzhou Shangen Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Jinying:

Different pain points in companies must be accurate

After the introduction of a tax reduction and tax reduction policy, the company received a dividend for reform. However, SMEs still need to improve the impact of burden reduction.

Different companies have different scales and different industries, and the pain points are different, for example, small and micro enterprises have a feeling of painful financing and land use, which is much less painful than labor costs. Policies designed to reduce financing difficulties and complex land use are difficult for small and micro businesses, and tax cuts and reductions are a real burden reduction.

It is advisable for the government to solve the business conditions of companies according to different sectors and weights, to understand the points of pain of certain companies and to develop a targeted tax reduction and fee reduction policy in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of burden reduction. For example, after the decline in industrial electricity prices, the acquisition of small and micro enterprises is not as large as the supply of large companies. After raising environmental requirements, the pressure on small and micro-enterprises in manufacturing is relatively high and more precise subsidies are needed.

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