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Yanina Halabi's anger about the attitude of Pato Laguna

It was in October 2018, when Janina Halabi lost custody of her children and it was decided in court that the offspring would remain Patricio Laguna. The trial took place after the trial brought by Pato against the intafamins violence model which he subsequently won.

To prove her dissatisfaction, Yanina gave up the responsibility of using social networks: "Everyone on the street saw my former partner treat me psychologically and physically. At the moment they recorded the video, he told me that if I didn't sign the contract for two days, I would never see my children. I hope everyone understands that he is violent and liar.There was a part of what he wrote by adding a video that showed it.

Now, in 2019, the story continues, and Instagram returns as a controversial march. "Sorry for your reservation … but it can't be more Maricons, the father of my kids, who doesn't let them talk to me and ask me about a pension."He added.

Despite these harsh charges, Yanina hasn't talked about this again. On the bull's side, Patricio Laguna hasn't announced it so far, but Laguna-Halabi's teleserie seems to be a sequel.

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