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Why would we radically change the magnetic pole to disaster?


Magnetic pole or even pole change could pose a particular threat to our technological lifestyle.

Earth's magnetic field is an essential element of life on its surface. Nonetheless, there is little idea of ​​its relevance and how it works. However, in the last days this issue has come to light around the mechanical mechanism has been a strange phenomenon magnetic pole.

Earlier, we explained that the Earth is a large stone, the core of which consists mainly of liquid iron and nickel. The high temperature of these metals causes constant movement. This interaction creates a magnetic field that spans the planet.

It is also called magnetosphere, this invisible layer covers us with great danger: radiation. The closest source is the Sun, which often sends the so-called solar wind, potentially damaging energy particles. Basically: the intensity of the magnetic field has been living nowadays.

The magnetosphere mechanism is based on two major points on the planet. It is about the magnetic poles, where the strength of these fields is concentrated. They usually differ from geographic columns and move at a certain speed according to the movement of the main metals. Generally, geologists study this transition every five years to get accurate records, and global positioning systems work properly.

However, it has been reported that in recent years this movement has been more unusual than usual. Since the 1990s, the northern magnetic pole has shifted to higher speeds and unpredictable points, which have given more work to geologists. Interestingly, the cause of this phenomenon is unknown.

Assumptions assume that this event is the beginning of the Earth's magnetic pole inversion process. If so, it would be an event that would not have been on the planet for more than 700,000 years. In addition, it would have some consequences for life as we know it.

Earth's magnetic field

Problems that may arise

In fact, the southern pole of the Earth's core is now moving north and vice versa. This causes the north pole of the compass magnet to attract the northern magnetic pole of the planet (so-called to avoid confusion). If the kernel poles were trimmed, they coincide with the magnetic poles of the surface.

If we assume a polar inversion, it would take thousands of years. In fact, the final result would not be a very serious problem. This would only require adaptation in our positioning systems.

The danger would be in a slow process of change. Geological studies show that the magnetic pole change process weakens the magnetosphere. This happened from the testimony that was found 780,000 years ago.

Due to magnetic field weakening, the effects could be very noticeable. For example, destabilization for a good time in global positioning systems. In addition, telecommunications (of which we depend a lot) could seriously disrupt. That is, forget about GPS or use a smartphone (unless a short solution is found).

The arrival of solar wind would be more intense, which could damage countless power grids and satellites. Can you imagine massive energy shortages in places such as hospitals, government headquarters or nuclear power plants?

It would also directly affect people. People on Earth can suffer a level of radiation similar to that of an astronaut, which could significantly increase the chances of cancer.

Fortunately, if true, the pole change could take thousands of years. We will have time to prepare for this event (or maybe not if we have already died for other reasons).

Why would we radically change the magnetic pole to disaster?

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