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WHO warns of an increase in anemia in the world

The rise in anemia in the world has reached an alarming level of avoiding it?

Anemia in the world shows the urgency of starting to change our lifestyle.

Are we really feeding ourselves with what we eat?

First of all, anemia is a bloody disorder characterized by low levels of red blood cells that is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the body through physiological processes.

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Among the causes of anemia are the destruction of a bad diet or red blood cells. (Photo: Herald)

Who suffers from anemia?

No one having a poor diet or meaningless metabolic process to assimilate nutrients is released.

Anemia primarily affects young children in pre-school, pregnant and childbearing, and people over the age of 60.

How many people in the world have anemia?

Just a few days ago, an Iron Deficit Day was celebrated, which highlighted World Health Organization (WHO) data on people who suffer from it all over the world.

25 percent of the world's population is anemic, and half of this figure is associated with iron deficiency.

Why is iron important?

This element is essential for metabolism and cellular processes. Due to this lack, people suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

This type of anemia occurs when an imbalance occurs in the iron, the body begins to consume the reserve that the body has until you start to use the concentration of minerals found in red blood cells.

According to the National Health Survey, in Mexico, in 2012, 11.6% of women experienced anemia that reached pregnancy rates of 17.9%.

In addition, iron is important in several of our body's metabolic and cellular processes. People have a natural balance in iron reception, and if it's lacking, we use reserves that create a significant level of deficiency.

So would you recommend me iron supplement?

Your case depends on the information indicated by your doctor, so do not put it on the first pharmacy of an iron bottle, because if it is not used properly it is stored in the red blood cells and we do not want it.

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Fatigue is a common symptom in patients with anemia. (Photo: NRD)

What should you eat to avoid anemia?

What can you do when you put on the market and buy green vegetables that are rich in iron: spinach, Swiss rags, cloves and legumes, such as lentils, chickpeas, soybeans (moderately), peas, lentils; or even sweet red meat other than pork is usually a protein in the animal; liver (if you eat it), whole products, nuts, nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and sesame.

What to avoid while eating while using iron?

If you are undergoing treatment to reduce the level of red blood cells, it is better to avoid drinking tea because it contains tannic acid, coffee, egg yolk, milk (which is rarely good for the human body), fiber supplements, soy protein and minerals, for example, zinc, calcium, copper or magnesium.

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Eat wisely and go to doctors for a general visit once a year. (Photo: Health and friendship)

How do I know if I have iron?

In the case of young children, iron deficiency can lead to neuronal and motor deficiencies.

People with anemia have various symptoms, such as tiredness, irritation, dizziness, shortness of breath, hair loss, brittle nails and pallor.

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Is there a myth about "eating gis"?

No, this is not a myth, many people who have anemia feel the need to eat chalk, bricks, earth, or ice.

It is possible not to use iron

So, if you still have low levels of iron during treatment, it's best to consult a specialist to tell you if you need a supplement to properly absorb it.

So you already know what to do and what to do in order to reduce WHO global indicators. Pay attention to your body and feed it as much as you request.

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