Thursday , January 27 2022

WhatsApp: this way you can get the labels "Chimuelo" and share them with your friends Applications Android | Smartphone Chile | virus stickers | pack messaging | Technology


Thousands of users have different social networks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube They have been moved to tears while watching a viral video called "Goodbye Chimuelo"Who showed us the heart of a striking little boy's attempt to bury his dead bird.Chimuelo"It's so big that it has already reached WhatsApp.

That's right, thanks to a simple application, a special stack of labels has been created from the ones you remember.Chimuelo& # 39;, What is already downloadable smartphones which is the operating system Android. Here we'll show you the right way to get them in just a few steps.

WhatsApp is already an instant messaging program par excellence; Every day, millions of people join this application to share messages, photos, videos, and now stickers. Thus, the latest virus phenomenon in the world has led to a series of reminiscent stickers.Chimuelo"The little bird that died and whose owner tried to bury it, despite all the flaws it caused.

How to get Chimuelo on WhatsApp? Well, the first thing you need to know is that this feature is only enabled for users Android; if you are one of them, you can now access a very useful application called StickerMakerin which you can not only create "stickers" fromChimueloBut also Renato, a Chilean boy who took care of this bird until the last days of his life.

The only thing you need to do is download the program from Play Store and enter it from your own Smartphone. When you are inside, you have to choose a photo fromChimuelo"And remove the wallpaper and then add them to WhatsApp as stickers.

Remember, at least you should 3 stickers to include this package in WhatsApp. You can then send these stickers to all your contacts and remember to welcome this little bird, whose tip was not all good.

At the top of this publication, you can see some pictures that will help you understand the process of creating your own WhatsApp labels.

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