Wednesday , September 22 2021

Western Australia confirms the Albemarle lithium plant

Western Australia confirms the Albemarle lithium plant

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The Western Australian Government approved plans for Albemarle, USA. U.U., To create a lithium production plant in the country.

The plant will produce lithium hydroxide monohydrate up to 100,000 tons per year from five 20,000 tons of process trains a year and produce up to 1.1 million tons of seed per year and is expected to generate more than 500 jobs and up to 500 permanent jobs.

"My government's first priority is to diversify the economy and create jobs for Western Australia, so important these milestones are supporting our efforts to improve the Western Australian economy and increase job opportunities," said Prime Minister Marc McGowan.

"The Albemarle lithium plant is another step closer to creating its operations, which will create hundreds of local jobs."

The construction of these trains will take place over the next ten years with the first train construction to be launched in 2018. The plant will treat the spodumene ore concentrate supplied from the Talison mine, Greenbushes, the largest source of ore concentrate in the country. Spodumene in the south. hemisphere

After being built, the Albemarle Kemerton plant will be the second largest lithium hydroxide manufacturing plant that will invest in Western Australia for two years.

"The country's world-leading lithium producer, and Western Australia has a wealth of lithium and other battery minerals, so it's very important for us to maximize the opportunities offered by this industry both upstream and downstream of Australians, Westerners," McGowan said. .

This year, the government created a Lithium Energy Materials Industry Task Force to benefit from the country's unique resources and lithium-ion battery industry growth.

The Task Force works through government and works closely with industry and research organizations to develop a strategy for lithium and energy that opens up the national potential of the sector, offers local jobs and diversifies the economy and benefits communities in the region.



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