Sunday , March 26 2023

"Well dead dog": Marisela Santibáñez's statement on Jaime Guzmán leads to contradictions


After intense controversy with the Member Gabriel Boric (MA) after receiving a shirt with Jaime Guzmán's image with a head shot, the issue raises new concerns about the sentence of the Member Marisela Santibáñez (PRO) weekend at the Communist Party Chair Party.

As you can see in the video published by the newspaper Third, the progressive parliamentarian intervened in the traditional celebrations that were invited to one of the meeting discussion panels.

In his speech, the legislator defended his partner from the Autonomous Movement and affirmed that "it does not help me that nowadays a large front colleague I deeply admire for his student struggle and I admire him very much and every day that he sees you, Gabriel Boric , I'm not interested in his shirt talking with Jaime Guzman"

"Jo If I were as radical as I am, I say, "Well dead dog"and forgive those who believe it is not. The dog is dead! "He assured me.

In the same case, he added that she was "present Ricardo Palma Salamanca here in Chile and no one knows. My mother knows it, and my whole party knows it and all the Communist members know it. "

UDI issues

In this regard, the Secretary-General of the UDI responded, deputy Issa Kortwho, using social networks, questioned his progressive crosswords.

According to Card, "Deputy Marisela Santibáñez demonstrates her philosophical, emotional, political, spiritual and visceral reality. His words and his energy reaffirm the murder"

"Enough double standards and let's talk about the consequences. This is how Chile is being destroyed. Wrong and worse"he wrote on Twitter.

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