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Monday, January 14, 2019

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Despite Manchester City's victory over Wolverhampton, Guardiola has no rest and after the game said the team needs to improve their work in the offensive zone. The coach explained that "we have incredible numbers, but we can improve".

Manchester City celebrates after Wolverhampton wins, but Josep Guardiola does not succeed. After the game, the coach insisted on improving the game despite the surprising victory.

"We played for ten minutes to 11 and we should be more aggressive in our attack game," said Peps. Former Barcelona stressed the work of directors. "They were stable and did not give much opportunity, so these three points help us keep pressure on Liverpool."

Guardiola confirmed that "tEveryone wants to do their best, but it is important that one opponent's score is better, and Gabriel has six in the last two games. "

Finally, the city coach said, "so far we have incredible figures, but we can do even better. We are not the best against Leicester and Crystal Palace, but it's normal and we're back," he said.

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