Friday , April 23 2021

[Video] They equip chestnuts with electronic circuits and connect them to the Internet

The affairs of the Internet or simply called IoT are really great variables and applications. However, the expert group fuses it with insect abilities: the guys.

Although the field can be monitored with a dron or sensor, doing so on a small scale may be a bit cumbersome. With the idea of ​​getting accurate and up-to-date data, the Washington University Engineering Team, led by Shyam Gollakotta, equipped sleeping bags with a mini-circuit with sensors that connect and charge wirelessly.

About what? The styue with these "cyber bees" could help control the health of the field, inter alia by examining temperature and humidity, as well as observing the effects of plant influences.

The way to do this is a system called "Living IoT" that is mounted on the back. At this point in time, you might think it is a cruel method for these small insects. According to engineers, they advised biologists and use "best care and management techniques".

They talked with TechCrunch and explained that the microchip using sensors and a mini battery weighs only 102 milligrams and that an adult strap could weigh two to six times more. Likewise, these insects can go three-quarters of body weight in pollen and nectars, returning to the stalk. That's what Gollockot explained:

We decided to use the cameras because they are large enough to carry a small battery that can operate our system and return every night to the harness where we can charge the batteries wirelessly.

The group can control a range of 80 meters in diameter, it is enough to study the hive, but obviously offers a lot more options. Threats or not, IoT, using live forms, is already a fact.

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