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"Vaginal Orange": An academic achievement that is not valuable to students and Mineduc

Amazing dispute shakes Antofagasta Universityknowing the video in which the academician defends defense performance one of his colleagues who has been found guilty of sexual harassment and sexist language.

The original case returns to feminist mobilization last year in the Antofagasta region, where the biotechnology department academician Mario Esparza was exposed to a a summary of allegations of sexual harassment and sexist language, among others.

This is in this scenario Eliseo Martínez, President of the Academic Association of the University of Antofagasta, posted on a YouTube video in which he defends his colleague against what he describes assorrow"

In this register, he accuses that the summary refers to "existing puritanism" and mentions the teachings of Esparz about assimilation. orange with vagina.

"Dr Esparza is accused of 'vaginal orange'. YouTube channel and it is said to be very sexualized, it's uncomfortable that it violates ethical questions about its students by showing orange in the form of vagina (…) If you use the word "orange vagina" on the Internet, you will find dozens of videos of this type. For example, the similarity between orange and vagina can be found in feminist Stephanie Sarley, who goes beyond what Dr. Esparza. Feminist Stephanie Sarley teaches to masturbate, show sexuality by touching a female clitoris through an orange, ”says Martinez.

"I can't repeat what Dr. Esparza did about this orange, (…) I'll do something much bolder. Very provocative", add an entry to the teacher simulates orange sex in orange divided in half. Picture foto_00000032

In the register, which lasts about 15 minutes, the teacher also shows pre-Columbian images in erotic positions.

"I use a language that is perhaps more bold, following the same path of puritanism, I have to prepare a summary, but all this, all this sexuality, all this very sexual language. I have posted it in an intellectual context that I am not going to get a joint punishment for ithe said.

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Anger in Mineduc

The situation caused an outrage at the University of Antofagasta students who asked the University's apprentice disconnect Martinez and take steps to leave him away.

Claims came Ministry of Education and motivated a public statement Marcela Cubillos.

"The University has internal summaries, but what is known today is particularly serious: Except for a teacher who is experiencing these and sexual or violence activities, at the same time there are academics like what we have seen today who come to defend it in this way"said the Minister.

"We have asked the ministry The Higher Education Unit to meet the University to provide us with information, information on what happened and measures that they carry out proper investigations and sanctions ”.

The students of the company announced mobilization for March if it was not separated from the "provocative" professor Martinez.

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