Tuesday , June 22 2021

Unidentified people flared up at the employer's house in the province of Arauco

A stranger group Wednesday night, a farmhouse in Quidico, the employer's house, lived, The commune of Tiru in Arauco Province.

The staff came from Carabiner's special forces, because volunteers from The fires that went to the place were firedwhich prevented them from falling into the fire.

According to preliminary information, One person was injured as a result of the attack to the employer's house that was completely destroyed.

In addition, they have happened road sections on route P-70, which brings together the Canadian and Thiruvian communities.

Accidents in the center of Temuco

Meanwhile In the center of Temuco there were about 100 people after a demonstration of the death of the Mapuche Communard Camilo Catrillanca.

Protesters destroyed road signs Caupolicán Avenue, so Carabineros detained some people after these demonstrations.

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