Tuesday , August 11 2020
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UFED, used by FBI to unlock iPhone, sells on Ebay

Everything is very normal.

Cellebrite's UFED was a huge dispute as it allowed access to private data from iPhone and other mobile phones.

Of course, the police used them to get information from suspects or to help with the investigation, which in turn led to a huge debate on data security and privacy.

The question is, obviously some honored employees The United States police, when these devices were removed because new models came out, they did nothing better than putting them on ebay at prices as low as $ 100. Look at this boy he bought 4:

The question is that although they are interrupted because they are not working on an iPhone using iOS 11, it does not mean that their purpose is useless, many of them are still around and over, the machine can be with different models of Motorola and Samsung have said some new owners.

Citizens have sent their parents to return or destroy their machines, but apparently they do not pay attention, so it is not surprising that crimes or other organizations are starting to use these machines, which were for police purposes only. others for deeply illegal purposes. Thanks for nothing.

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